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Jim Vigilante | jimvigilante

Stop Selling! Really?

Sep 9th 2010 at 5:05 PM

I've had it. I just watched a video that was the last straw.

I'm sick and tired of it.

Here comes the rant.

How many people do you think will tell us to Stop Selling this month.

I just watched one more video, created by some chick with a couple of years experience, who thanks to creating god knows how many videos of herself sitting in her home office and rambling off reruns of other marketers content thinks she's a Guru, telling me that I need to stop selling while using Social Media.


Don't sell on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the others, plus, I guess that also means I should not use social bookmarking sites like Delicious and StumbleUpon to promote my web site or blog.

It's not just her of course, I've been hearing this bullshit from many different so called experts for 2 years now. Her little video just hit the last nerve.

Here is what really drives me nuts about this.

1. They will say, it's called Network Marketing, NETWORKING is the key.

Well, I'm here to say that MARKETING is the key. You want to sign up your friends and family members, go ahead and believe that Networking is the main focus of your network marketing business. It's called Network Marketing because you are building a Network of distributors/members.

The word Network in Network Marketing does not mean Networking, it means a Network of people and it is referring to the network of people in your orginization, those that are already in the business, not networking as in Social Networking.

Originally called, Multi Level Marketing, the word Network was not even in the original version, but Marketing was.

This isn't just about Network Marketers though, plenty of other Internet Marketers are spewing out the same garbage.

2. They are pretty much telling you to be a scam artist. To pretend that you have nothing to sell, that you have no motive, just hanging out here, making friends, nothing to buy, nothing to join. I'm here to help you, that's all.

Really now? That's a bold face lie and a misleading tactic to get people to think you are actually interested in them and not their credit cards. You may care about people, you may want to help them, you may want them to succeed, but you didn't create 200 videos and countless blog posts for their benefit, you did it to name brand yourself, to get visitors and subscribers, to get sign ups and sales.

That's the fact and everyone knows it.

3. This is the proof that they don't even follow what they say. Look on their blogs and videos, what you will see is the same, Retweet buttons, the same, Share On Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and all the other social networks and social bookmarking sites available, just like you see on this blog but I'm not sitting here telling you not to sell. So, they tell you not to sell on social media, then they ask you to share their content with all of your social media contacts by clicking on the little buttons that go to all the social media sites.

I'm not sure exactly how someone even does that with a straight face.

What would they say if asked, oh, but my content isn't selling. No, but the banners and buttons all over your blog are selling, the newsletter you want me to subscribe to will eventually send me messages selling me something. Selling a business opportunity is selling, no different than any other product or service. You are selling.

4. This is the biggest, most annoying, most unbelievable point.

The same people, the exact same people, will then sell you a book, course, membership site or some other product that promises to teach you how to get rich using Twitter, how to create an endless supply of leads using Facebook, how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site using social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Tumblr.

Basically, they are going to sell you a solution to a made up problem they created.

They are going to show you the correct way to do it, since the way you are doing it is obviously wrong, why is it wrong, because they said so.

That just makes me want to go work at Costco.

How on earth do you do that. How do you create videos and blog posts chastising people for using Social Media to promote their businesses and then have the nerve to sell them a product that teaches them how to do exactly that.

It's like bizzarro world around here.

Here is my conspiracy theory. There are a bunch of Guru types that got together and said, hey, let's tell everyone not to sell anything using Social Media, then we will sell all our products, services and opportunities using social media and we will be the only people doing it. HA! Brilliant!

Another point.

Most people can't sell, you see what they do, it doesn't work. Most people, using Facebook for example, will send a friend request, you accept, you immediately get a message from them telling you to check out the greatest business opportunity ever created or the latest get rich on Twitter ebook. That's not the way to do it, I'm not saying it is, but building a relationship with someone for 6 months just to feel comfortable enough to invite them into your business opportunity isn't the way to go either.

Creating intelligent, helpful, interesting content and then sharing it with me, yes, that helps me to remember your name and if you are selling something that I am looking for at the time, I may buy it or join it.

You should do that too. Obviously doing that helps your business.

You are selling the entire time though. Don't say you weren't selling anything because if that was true, there would not have been anything to buy.

What really works for most people? The name branded, famous, ICONs, don't count, people join with them or buy from them because of their Name.

What works for most people is the numbers. Plain and simple. The more people that see your product, service or opportunity, the more people that will buy or join.

That's it. No big cosmic secret.

The reason we use Social Media to promote our businesses is because everyone else is using Social Media. It is the cheapest, easiest way to get your business in front of a billion people. Again, plain and simple.

The reason we create videos is not to be helpful little teachers, it's because videos come up first in search engine results and they catch and hold a prospects attention better than a web page.

The reason we create blogs is to show everyone that we know what we are talking about and because they are keyword rich, so like videos, they do well in the search engines.

The reason we create webinars is to create momentum and excitement.

We do all of those things to drive traffic, to name brand, generate leads and build a mailing list.

The reason we create mailing lists, ezines or newsletters is so that we have a list of people to SELL STUFF to.

It's a sales/marketing funnel.

No one is creating videos and blog posts just to help everyone else.

You can create all the content, systems and training you want, that's just wonderful, but don't pretend you did it just for my benefit, don't pretend you aren't selling anything.

You want me to subscribe to your newsletter, you want me to click on one of the banners or links on your site, you want me to buy or join something.

We are Marketers, Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Internet Marketers and there is nothing to be ashamed about, nothing to hide, no reason to feel insecure. Sales person is the highest paid profession in the world.

Look up the definition of Marketing on and you will see this:

"Many people believe that marketing is just about advertising or sales. However, marketing is everything a company does to acquire customers and maintain a relationship with them. Even the small tasks like writing thank-you letters, playing golf with a prospective client, returning calls promptly and meeting with a past client for coffee can be thought of as marketing. The ultimate goal of marketing is to match a company's products and services to the people who need and want them, thereby ensure profitability."

I just love that. It makes my point.

We are using Social Networks and Social Bookmarks to market our businesses.

There is nothing wrong with that. It is smart business, perfectly acceptable.

There is something wrong with watching some guy in a Ferrari or some woman on the deck of her beach house telling you not to sell.

Trust me, they didn't get that Ferrari or beach house by not selling. It's a gimmick, a magic trick, look I don't sell anything and I have this amazing house and car. Bullshit, they are selling their little hearts out and doing a really good job of it.

I saw Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys on Joe Buck Live on HBO and he said something like this, "I'm not the greatest or smartest sales person in the world, but I know the 3 rules to selling: Rule #1, ask for the Money. Rule #2, ask for the Money. Rule #3, ask for the Money."

I don't remember his exact words, maybe it's on YouTube, but you get his point I'm sure.

So, stop telling me how to run my business and I will sell wherever I like, however I like, to whomever I want and I will be upfront and honest about it, this is my business, I'm proud to be a self employed home business owner, I'm a marketer, I sell business opportunities and other various products and services. That is what I do. What do you do?

That's it for now, I feel so much better.

Go Sell Something!

Jim Vigilante
Professional Internet MARKETER

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Nov 21st 2011 at 1:57 AM by A4003
I totally get what you are saying Jim. I think those who post the video & or article, claiming not to (hard) sell on Social Media are in fact in suing to instead provide no cost value. Plus socialize & listen. Analyze your target market(s). Fill a need, Solve a problem where you can. This way the product sells itself so you don't have to.

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