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Steps of Best home cleaning

Dec 3rd 2019 at 6:28 AM

Is your house messy and you’re hosting impromptu guests? Where I come from we believe that your house says something about you. Obviously, an untidy house doesn’t portray the right picture. Do you need to clean your home fast before guests arrive? Here are eleven quick easy home cleaning tips.

1. Learn to multitask
This is the secret to getting many things done on a short notice. Are there simple cleaning tasks that you can combine? Start by loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher for example. While it’s doing its thing, water any indoor plants you may be having. PRO TIP: I’ve put mine on a drip and every day’s its watered on autopilot. Neat trick, eh? You could try this too. Get a rag and dust all surfaces. Throw all dirty laundry into the washing machine while you pick up misplaced toys and fluff up cushions.

2. Start cleaning from the top and work your way down.
It doesn’t matter what you’re cleaning. Do you know why contractors paint houses from the top down? So that paint drops don’t fall on neat surfaces. Where am I going with this? When you clean higher surfaces first, dust, dirt and physical debris fall on the lower surfaces and the cycle continues. Start by cleaning the ceiling, dust the fans then wipe off dirt from the floor. Cleaning a messy home is ten times easier when you work from the top down.

3. Start by making the bed
Obviously, you’re looking for quick easy successes. Start by making your bed. Bonus points if you can do this as soon as you wake up. Instead of tucking in bottom sheets first, the upper ones; hold them by the corner and tuck them in simultaneously. Gather all clutter. If you’re running short on time, through all clutter into a spare laundry basket and hide it in the closest. Out of sight out of mind, right? Just make sure you put them back in the right places as soon as your guests leave. Get a dusting spray and microfiber cloth. Dust all bedroom furniture. Again, work top-down.

4. Clean all bathrooms at once
Take the least amount of time possible applying cleaning detergents to tub surfaces and toilet bowls. Let the cleaning agents eat up the dirt while you focus on cleaning mirrors. Sprinkle baking powder unto stubborn stains and they’ll come off easily. Go back to the bowls and tubs and scrub them. Thanks to evolving cleaning technology, we now have superior cleaning agents that fight off stubborn stains without discoloring surfaces. Finish off by cleaning the floor. This is why I love tiles – they’re classy yet easy to clean.

5. Use hot soapy water when cleaning dishes
Start by filling your sink with hot water. Add your favorite (liquid) detergent. Lather up the water. Once there’s sufficient foam. Throw in all the dirty dishes. Let them soak for at least twenty minutes before loading them up into the dishwasher. If you’re using a stove with a removable top burner, soak it too.

Clear all counters as you empty the wastebasket. PRO TIP: Arrange a few old newspapers at the bottom of the bin and they will absorb all rotting food “juices”. Can home cleaning get any easier than this? Use a warm soapy rag when wiping kitchen appliances. There is even a life hack on how you’ll prevent fingerprints from forming on stainless steel utensils but that’s a story for another day. Let us focus on the subject matter at hand – easy home cleaning tips.

6. Keep all your cleaning equipment in one place
Need I say more? Keep things organized and you’ll never waste time looking for your favorite cleaning tools. Get a spare basket and put all cleaning detergents there. You will be carrying this basket as you move from room to room
7. Get an extension cord for your vacuum cleaner

Invest in getting a longer power cord and you’ll be able to cover more ground. Who wouldn’t want to clean the whole house without plugging and unplugging the vacuum cleaner as they move to different rooms? When cleaning carpets, start from one corner and work your way backward. If there’s one thing I learned from the old man before he left us – it must be that you should minimize overlapping when vacuuming the carpet.

Never sweep hard floors. Vacuum them instead. Pet hairs accumulate on those hard to reach corners and this is the most efficient way of cleaning them – besides it’s a pain in the neck sweeping them anyway.

8. Crank up your favorite tunes
Make the most out of your stereo. Sometimes you need external motivation and upbeat music does just that. Take it up a notch higher and listen to an audiobook instead. You will have killed three birds with one stone – minimizing distractions, staying motivated and meeting your monthly reading goal.

9. Get the right tools
There’s no shortcut to this. Professional cleaners know that all in one tools never exist and that they’re just marketing gimmicks. In fact, buy high-quality tools and you’ll never have to replace them. My grandmother’s vacuum cleaner outlived her. True story. On tools, make sure that they’re in top notch condition. You never know when you’ll need to use them next.

10 Utilize teamwork
Two people fold up a bedsheet eight times faster (and better) than one. Don’t argue with my arithmetic. Try it and you’ll see that there’s sense in what I’m saying. Make a point of ensuring that cleaning is a family affair. How is this productive? Other family members won’t mess up the place as they know that they will have to fix the mess themselves. I’m not implying that you should be harsh on them. Don’t misquote me.

11 . Get a cleaning schedule (and follow it religiously)
Have a specific order of doing things. Bonus points if you can write this down. I’m sure you know that cleaning agents follow the same routine everywhere. Borrow a leaf from their book. They’ve been doing these things for years and they’ve definitely learned a few things along the way. Use their knowledge to your advantage.

They say that we should learn something new every day. Hopefully, today you’ll make the most out of these easy home cleaning tips.

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