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I have found my niche as an internet marketer by implementing the concepts of cooperative team-building into my online businesses. Everything changed in the life of my business once I adopted this business plan, and it will change your business, too.
Lana Robinson | lanarobinson
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Step-By-Step Series On Mastering Adobe Media Encoder CS4!

Sep 8th 2010 at 12:53 PM

Attention: Website operators, online marketers, video creators, musicians, video fans and all those seeking the way to create better videos for a range of communication purposes…

Quite simply - there's no other package available today with the same depth of information that the Adobe Media Encoder CS4 Video Series contains - and you will get it FREE as an upgraded member at  You will not find these videos anywhere else at such a low price and as part of a system that actually teaches you various little-known-secrets on how to build your business online.

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Format & Encode High Quality

Videos To Upload To Your

Favorite Sites & Promote

Your Products Today!

REVEALED: A learning system that will help you master video encoding and formatting to ensure viewers can easily download your videos and view your content every time!

  • Are you looking for a way to format videos to share online?
  • Do you want to learn how to master video compression to make uploading and streaming of your videos better?
  • Would you like to be able to produce and export videos in a range of file formats to ensure all online users can view your content?

If you answered yes and you are looking for the ultimate answer to your online video management - let me show you everything you need to know to expertly handle video production and formatting for the online environment.

Discover An Easier Way To Produce, Manage & Format Videos For The Web!


It doesn't matter what your goals are… Whether you're a musician or film producer trying to promote your work online, or an internet marketer trying to drive traffic through video promotion - Adobe Media Encoder CS4 can help you.  The first step you need to take is to master the program - but where do you start?

Let’s face it: Getting your product out there, whether it's music, film or an info product - the web is a complicated place to master and getting it wrong can be costly!

Producing quality video is just the first step to mastering the online world.  If you want to reach the maximum number of visitors, then you need to use the right tools to ensure your video is prepared in the most suitable format for your viewers. Whether you are uploading on YouTube, to your own site or via other online video formats, you may quickly become overwhelmed… And it's not surprising when it all starts to become too much…. With so much information to be found online - what you need is a guarantee that you're getting the information you really need to master online video formatting.

The reality is that if visitors find your site with your videos or your video uploads and can't stream the content - they'll quickly turn away in droves… And if you're trying to drive traffic, boost conversions or promote your music or films - you don't want to lose those leads, fans or potential customers because of second rate video formatting with the wrong tools….

If you're ready to get serious about achieving solid results from your video and uploading well produced clips to place online, then you need the Adobe Media Encoder tools… but more importantly - you need to master those tools…


Uncover The Secrets Of Successful Video Formatting For Online Distribution!


So before I tell you anymore about how you can master video formatting, let me tell you a little bit about how I came to be helping others with video mastery.

My name is Lana Robinson. I have created a number of online training programs that are tailored to people just like you. I deliver informative study program that guide the user through the full range of information necessary to get the most out of the best online tools around for internet mastery.

Keeping your web promotions up to date can make a dramatic difference to how smoothly your business runs…Video is one of the fastest growing formats and mastering the compression, audio files, associated Flash clips and more can leave users feeling frustrated. Get the many factors that make video interesting and user friendly wrong will mean you're going to miss out big time!

When people surf the net they quickly move on if they find something interesting but the video stream is too slow.  This is why it's important to ensure you have this under control from day one!

Let's face it, you've probably done it yourself, so you can't blame your audience for doing likewise…. But you can take control to ensure there is no reason for them to do this when they arrive at your site or your YouTube upload and so on…

There is a way to take control of this media problem, and that's with Adobe Media Encoder CS4.  This program can help you create quality uploads for YouTube, your website or to stream elsewhere online… With the Media Encoder you can discover how to format your video for portable media devices such as phones, iPods and more - as well as compressed formats for Flash, Windows Media Player and Apple QuickTime.

If that sounds good but you're wondering how you can possibly master this program - then let me offer you an option that might be just the answer you need!


Get Real Answers With My Step-By-Step Series On Mastering Adobe Media Encoder CS4!

Many people find mastering new software daunting - with a lack of visual options to clearly guide them toward successfully using the program stopping them from really getting things up and running….

That's where my video series can really help you! When opting to follow my video tutorial series I'll reveal precisely how the use Adobe Media Encoder CS4 to make it work hard for you! What makes this option even better, is that unlike the many dry and dull eBooks you can find all over the internet - this unique series is all presented in an easy to follow visual format, to make learning and mastering the Adobe Media Encoder straightforward and fast.

If you want a solution that really helps you get to the heart of things, then video tutorials are a better option. Now you can cut out all the filler content and do away with the 'fluff' that often 'pads out' a lot of eBooks. These videos demonstrate precisely how to use the Adobe Media Encoder CS4, so that understanding and creating great videos with the software is easier than ever before!

By presenting all this information in a video format, you can self-pace your learning and take in a lot more targeted information in a shorter space of time. The video format makes uncovering the ins and outs of the software easier, no matter if you are an experience computer operator, or a new user. By the time you have viewed the series and applied the knowledge covered, you'll have dramatically increased your knowledge base and mastered the many applications for the Adobe Media Encoder CS4 software.

Prepared to be blown away when you see how quickly you progress from an inexperienced user to a highly skilled Media Encoder operator!

If you are ready to be a master with Adobe Media Encoder now is your chance! Learning the inside secrets of this software has truly never been easier - here are just some of the advantages of this informative video tutorials series:

  • Learn how to get the most out of Adobe Media Encoder CS4 to easily manage your videos for placing them online
  • Discover the essentials of media formats and codecs to work with them when producing your own videos for the net
  • Increase your understanding of how to speed up your video management using presets and export settings
  • Access information on how to use master the different conversion options to encode for a range of different formats
  • Save time by learning how to convert existing media from one format to the other


I'll cover all this valuable information and a whole lot more as you progress through the Adobe Media Encoder CS4 Video Series!

It's a phenomenal amount of information! I'm sure you'll agree that this is an extensive amount of information - and it really does deliver everything you need to know to create outstanding video content. This short breakdown of the video series' content just touches on what is covered in this outstanding value for money package!

Quite simply - there's no other package available today with the same depth of information that the Adobe Media Encoder CS4 Video Series contains - and you will get it FREE as an upgraded member at  You will not find these videos anywhere else at such a low price and as part of a system that actually teaches you various little-known-secrets on how to build your business online.

An Easy-To-Follow & Entertaining Media Encoder Tutorial Series…

Want a real solution to learning the full range of applications for Adobe Media Encoder? Then get my Adobe Media Encoder CS4 Video Series to get a system that genuinely works! You can master the Adobe Media Encoder CS4 - even if you started as a complete novice!

As you start on your journey toward mastering the Adobe Media Encoder CS4 you'll discover how this software can transform your results with video online. PLUS I'll show you how you can implement a comprehensive range of settings and preferences to get the most of this program and achieve outstanding results.
This video series is a perfect solution if you're:

  • An internet marketer looking to post online videos to attract customers and increase your conversions
  • A musician wanting to create high quality video clips of your music to promote your work online
  • A film producer or short film director interested in showcasing your film making and production skills online
  • An affiliate marketer seeking a means of driving more traffic to your website or that of the product you are promoting
  • Looking to create quality video for inclusion in your website and want to have the option to choose between different formats to suit your particular needs

Even if you are a complete beginner - if you want to master Adobe Media Encoder CS4 - then my video tutorials will walk you step-by-step through the essentials you need to master to create quality videos from this comprehensive series. Not only will you be blown away by what you'll learn - you'll be amazed how easily these skills can be applied to produce dynamic results!

My Video Tutorials Will Help You Learn & Retain More About Adobe Media Encoder CS4


We all have our individual way of learning things…. In our busy lives, most of us simply haven't got the time (or patience) to sit and read an entire eBook. The trouble is that so many of them are packed with dry information delivered in complicated 'geek speak'. I fully understand how much difficulty all that jargon can cause - that is what compelled me to create an easy, visual tutorial series - so you get the information you need without the headaches. The videos are filled with user friendly demonstrations - so you learn the best ways to successfully master video formatting and encoding once and for all!

Within the Adobe Media Encoder CS4 Video Series you'll discover an outstanding depth of information. I've covered everything you need to make your video production and encoding easy - through one user friendly tutorial program. Throughout the video series I'll cover the best techniques and methods available to help drastically increase your video efficiency - so that you can get more donem faster - saving you time day in and day out!

Best of all - with my video tutorials you can be sure that you'll retain more information and understand how to apply what you've learned more effectively!

The Adobe Media Encoder CS4 Video Tutorials are the perfect, user-friendly answer:


•    Straightforward and easy to understand (even if you’re a complete beginner)
•    Pleasant to watch (and ideal if you learn well visually)
•    They require only a high-speed internet connection
•    Need only a browser with flash plug-in to view the video tutorials
•    Take only a set of computer speakers to hear the tutorials

Here are the videos.... and the specifics of what you'll learn with the Adobe Media Encoder CS4 Video Series


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Video 1


View a basic overview of Adobe Media Encoder CS4, covering the content for the rest of the tutorial series.

Video 2

The Basics of Audio & Video Encoding

Uncover the details of digital video formatting and compression. This video covers definitions and explanations of common video encoding terms such as frame rate, bit rate, and aspect ratio.

Video 3

Media Formats & Codecs

In this video the definitions and an overview of common video formats is provided, as well as an overall explanation of codecs, what they are and how they work.

Video 4

Getting Familiar With the Interface

In this video, I'll cover a basic walkthrough of the interface including the export queue window, the export settings window, and the buttons and functions associated with each.

Video 5

Settings & Preferences

I'll cover an overview of Adobe Media Encoder’s settings and preferences as well as an explanation of the media cache.

Video 6

Export Settings & Presets

In this video, we'll go through the export configuration settings in Adobe Media Encoder CS4 and you'll see a demonstration on saving and loading presets.

Video 7

Converting Existing Media

This video contains a hands-on demonstration of converting an existing media file from one format to another.

Video 8

Converting Premiere & After Effects

Video 8 provides a walkthrough for converting both Premiere Pro sequences and After Effects compositions

Video 9

Encoding Video for Flash

During Video 9, I'll give you an overview of interframe codecs and a brief explanation of cue points and how they interact with Flash applications. I'll also provide a step-by-step walkthrough for configuring and encoding a video intended for use with Flash.

Video 10

Encoding High-Definition Video

In this video you'll see a basic overview of high-definition video, along with a walkthrough on how to encode video for high-definition playback.

Video 11

Encoding Video for YouTube

This video is created to ensure you have a basic understanding of how videos are processed by YouTube, along with a demonstration on how to configure and encode video intended for playback through YouTube.

Video 12

Batch Video Encoding

In Video 12 I'll cover batch processes and the various features provided by Adobe Media Encoder CS4 for batch video encoding.

Quite simply - there's no other package available today with the same depth of information that the Adobe Media Encoder CS4 Video Series contains - and you will get it FREE as an upgraded member at  You will not find these videos anywhere else at such a low price and as part of a system that actually teaches you various little-known-secrets on how to build your business online.

Click here to join MyTeamBuilderPro right now - remember to take the upgrade when you confirm your account so you can grab access to these high quality videos!
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