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Stealth Profit Machines Facts & Hype Revelations (Review & Scam Alert)

Oct 4th 2010 at 9:32 PM

Well well... here we go again with another clickbank product launch called Stealth Profit Machines.

This product come up with typical blind copy sales letters we've seen lately.

Apparently this type of sales letter converting well to some prospects especially newbies. However when the promise is under deliver it become a disaster for the product owner and affiliate who promote this.

They will see A LOT of refunds coming their way...

Okay let's get back to our discussion here about the Stealth Profit Machines, what this product is all about... what kind of software it offers you?

Here are the answers:

The software that the author supposedly paid 50,000 to "genius" Russian programmers is nothing more than a Wordpress installer with a built in content scraper. The program also allows for the setup of contextual keywords with affiliate links.

The software and the plugin are not "the greatest thing on earth" but get the job done, and if you add all the really good content that Chris added you have a really good deal.

The content inside the package include videos and pdf that cover topics like:

  • - Affiliate Marketing
  • - List Building
  • - hosting and domain names
  • - Clickbank
  • - niche research
  • - Traffic
  • - email marketing
  • - product creation
  • - outsourcing
  • - Jv
  • - Product launch

This package probably good for newbies who never used wordpress blog before or never get basic training on internet marketing.. but if you have some experienced and been using wordpress blogs probably this is not your "MAGIC PILLS"

Although the product is decent, the problem is the sales letter full of hypes and false promise.

Let's analyze a portion of the sales page shall we?

"If you've never made a dime online before, imagine being able to create a profit-pulling machine in just 7 clicks of your mouse..."

THIS IS A LIE. This implies that you just click 7 places and your stealth profit machine (Wordpress Site) is ready to go. There are no 7 clicks. It's a Wordpress installer so there are 16 fields that have to be filled out not including theme installation, plugin installation and content scraping decisions with 9 additional fields or choices to be made. And don't forget you have to have a hosting account purchased and setup with a domain in your niche which you need to research.

Now all of those chores may be reasonable. It's just the deception stating that it's as easy as 7 clicks that is unacceptable. Stop lying!

"It runs silently in the shadows and can quickly catapult you into that small circle of internet millionaires in no time."

It's just a Wordpress installer and scraper with contextual keyword links and you are not going to be a millionaire using this software.


"You don't need an existing website... "

Oh except for the Wordpress Installs but we will just call that a blog even though you still need to buy web hosting services and domains.

"You don't need any money to get started..."

Except for Domain names and hosting.

"You don't need to learn about SEO, link-building, Twitter, CPA, PPV or any of that..."

At your own peril

"No Work Required...
No Time Required...
Just Plug In And Profit

Okay.. i hope you got the picture here and ready to make a well informed decision whether this Stealth Profit Machines is for you or not, obviously if you are looking for a quick money solution it won't be the case.. save yourself from future disappointment.

This product could work for you BUT it's NOT as easy as it sounds in the sales letter!

THANK YOU for reading my article, here is a cool NICHE BLOG that you can download and use as your own for FREE.

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