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Staying The Course

Dec 4th 2010 at 4:49 PM

I was reading another blog from a major TE/Social site about staying focused on growing your online business. In my last entry I talked about whether TE's are effective and I mentioned about the high competition amongst programs due to new ones being launched on almost a daily basis. All of this brought to mind the current problem that is going on with most online marketers especially those who are new.

A lot of newcomers on the internet are seeking their fortunes and have unrealistic expectations of "striking it rich" overnight. Not only is this expectation unrealistic, but it also sets up the newcomer for immediate disappointment. What adds to this disappointment are programs and their admins promising overnight wealth. Most of this is nothing but advertising gimmicks just to get a person's attention so that they will join immediately. Yet, hundreds of people fall for it believing the hype.

The desire to get rich quick combined with frequent program launches creates the situation of "program hopping". Program hoppers do not stick with any particular program and will keep joining one program after another thinking the next one will be better. They lose site of the fact that it takes time to build success with a good program. (Note: I said a good program.)

Building success with a good program takes time and patience. It also requires staying focused and putting forth effort daily in order to achieve success. It requires doing the "little things" that over time will bring about the success and income that a person desires. Think about it, if a person joins a "brick and mortar" company as an entry level trainee, would it be realistic for them to expect to become the CEO overnight? Of course not! That's not to say it could never happen. However, normally it takes years to advance and move up within a company. So why do people expect for this process to be the opposite with an online business?

Remember, program hopping will NOT help to achieve success. The key to online success is first to find a good program: one that has a good track record and has stability along with good mentoring and training. Then put forth daily effort to promote that online business both online and offline. Don't quit! Stick with it and persevere until the "fruits of one's labor" can be seen.

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