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Starting A Internet Home Business While You Still Have a Job

Oct 15th 2010 at 4:13 PM

Most people do not have the luxury of quitting their job in order to devote all of their time to a new Internet home business. Because of this, the entire process can seem a little overwhelming and can take a lot of time.  If you are going to keep your job, while trying to build a business, there are some simple ways to achieve maximum success in the shortest amount of time.  Here are some quick tips to help you achieve your goal in record time.

1.Get Rid of the Extras

A common problem that people have is that they have problems focusing on what elements are essential to getting their new online business  up and running.  This is normally because they including unnecessary items on their to-do list.  Once you decide what type of online business you are planning on running, you need to take some time and decide what is essential to getting started and what can be put off for a while.  For example, a website is probably going to be essential to an online business because it will act as a central hub and main way that people will learn about your business.  On the other hand, creating 10 landing pages might be a less important use of your time.  If you need a landing page, start with one and add more as you get the time.  This is where prioritizing becomes an intricate part of your business strategy.

2.Do One Thing at a Time

Multi-tasking seems like a great idea because you can accomplish several goals simultaneously.  However, there have been several studies which have reported that even people who “feel” like they are effective multi-taskers are often more productive when they focus on one thing at a time.  The reason for this is because while you multitask, there are “transition times” between each task in which nothing in being accomplished.  Over the period of a day, week, or month, this transition time can add up to hours or days of wasted time.

3.Outsourcing and Automation

One thing that make people have, especially when just starting their online business, is giving up some control to other people or to other things.  Unfortunately, starting a business requires a substantial investment of time, which most people don’t have if they are working a full-time job elsewhere.  This means that by giving up some control and outsourcing or automating portions of the creation or promotion process can speed up the entire process dramatically.  This could mean hiring a writer to create your content, using an auto responder service to help with promotion, or even hiring a virtual assistant to help oversee the day to day operations.

Starting an internet home business while still holding down a regular full time job is a difficult task, however it is one that many people accomplish on a regular basis.  In order to make sure that you get your operation up, running, and bringing in income as quickly as possible, there are several things that need to be done.  First, you need to make sure that you are prioritizing tasks and taking care of mission critical tasks immediately.  Second, you need to make sure that you remain focused on one thing at a time in order to get the entire project done as efficiently as possible.  Finally, you need to take advantage of outsourcing and/or automation whenever possible to give your new online business the momentum it need

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