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Start Your Running Routine with Reebok

Apr 6th 2016 at 11:40 PM

Running has great health benefits. The other perks are great too. You don’t need membership, expensive equipment and you can do it almost anywhere. Thinking about it is so easy, but starting your running routine? That’s trickier. For people who have been sedentary for some time, it can even be overwhelming. Fortunately for people here in Qatar, there is a way to jumpstart your running routine with the help of a trusted brand like Reebok.

Get the right gear. Running has the simplest gear. Just running shoes and technical wear. Not familiar with technical wear? These are clothes made for fitness activities. It has specialized fabrics to prevent bacterial buildup for better hygiene and sweat wicking properties. Sweat-wicking is when the fabrics channel sweat away from your skin to let it evaporate in front of the fabric—leaving you cool and comfortable.

Obviously, shoes are essential in running. You want your shoes to fit your actual gait to make it really work for you. If you don’t know your gait, check out this link. Once you know your gait, choose a shoe with good support, cushioning but does not constrict your movements. Reebok running shoes are great in this department. The shoes, which are also lightweight and durable, gives added spring to your step while protecting your feet, and your knees, from the repetitive stress.

Gear also does not need to be expensive, mind you. Just browse your favorite online shop for Reebok stuff and watch out for offers and discounts.

Look for a running plan. You don’t have to pay for a running plan by joining a running group (unless you actually want to). You can get free running plans on the Internet. Look for one that suits your needs as a beginner.

Small steps before giant strides. Running can be exhilarating, but temper your excitement even for just a bit. Don’t overexert, even if you feel like you still have lots left on your tank. Work on your form and endurance before aiming for bigger things like a mile or time limit. Also, keep your goals realistic. Don’t expect to be ready to run a marathon within a week.

Enjoy the sights and sounds. Running’s benefits go beyond physical health. The exercise can be fun, as well as relaxing, giving you that boost of positive energy. Run outdoors in the most scenic route you know. In Qatar, the Doha Corniche is a jogger’s haven and so is Aspire Park. Put on your favorite tunes to give an added beat to your step. However, as you do so, remember to stay extra alert since you at times music can serve as a distraction, especially when you have the tendency to zone out.


Once you’re in the running groove. Keep in mind that you don’t have to just run. Since you’re in Reebok running shoes, why not try cross training? The shoes are made to withstand the rigors of other sports anyway. Your body will also dodge the dreaded ‘wear and tear’ most runners get. Just make sure the sport of activity you choose will not put too much pressure on the same muscle groups running targets.

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