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3 years ago

Start Building Your List Without a Website

Jun 22nd 2013 at 1:34 PM

Start Building Your List WITHOUT a Website


There are many autoresponders you can use to build a list. One of the
main ones I use to build a list is Aweber. You can even build your list without a
website at Aweber.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how I build my list with an Aweber autoresponder account (easiest one to use).

Try Aweber for a month:

Keep in mind that even if it takes you time to build your list,
every single person you add is one more than you had before
Since it only takes “one” person to equal a sale, each person
on your list is a potential sale! Plus, once they are on your list
you can advertise to them again and again (various things you
want to advertise).

Building a list will take time, but it is time well spent. Get started
now and build it while doing what you are already doing. Everyone
needs a list!

With the instructions below, you are going to create one list on
Aweber where you will capture leads while advertising many various
opportunities/programs or anything you advertise. You can later set
up other lists, but you will need to have one as a main capture list.
This list will not have any automated emails. You will be using it
to send broadcasts to your list (I recommend sending once or twice daily).

Sign into Aweber. If you have a Twitter & Facebook account that you plan on using
to advertise, pull up a browser window and sign into both of those. You’ll be able to
setup your new list to automatically post to Twitter and Facebook (optional).

Click on “Create and Manage Lists”

Click on “Create a New List”

Fill out:

List name — call it something like “mainlist” so you know it’s the list you are using
to pull leads into from various places.

List description — put something like “Make money online & advertise”

** You can change things later on if you want to. Let’s just get the list up and working.

Go down to Social Media / sharing

Connect it to your Twitter and Facebook if you are planning to post to them when you send
to your list. You can always edit your list later to add these.

Go to Notifications at the bottom and enter your name and email address if you want to be notified
everytime someone signs up on your list.

Click “save”.

Click “go to step 2?

Set your confirmed opt-in to “off” if you are wanting to put people on instantly. If you want them to
have to confirm then leave it set to “on”. If it is set to “on” they will have to click a confirmation
link in an email sent to them. You can fill out information under confirmation if you turn it on. I leave
mine set to “off” when I’m capturing from various opportunities.
Your “success page” under confirmation would be the url to something you are advertising.


Click on “web forms”

Click on “create web form”

You can choose from various designs (try some later on) but for now let’s use the one that comes up just to make
it easier.

Click on “edit header” by the top of the form shown.
Type in “You’re Almost There …”

Where it says “powered by aweber …” at the bottom, you can edit that to put in your Aweber affiliate number if you have
an affiliate account. This can be done later by editing your form.

Click “save”

Click “go to step 2?

Enter a form name. I put something like “You’re Almost There”.

Click the dropdown on “thank you page”. Select “custom Page”. Put in the website link (your affiliate link or website) to what you are going to advertise  so that they will be forwarded onto this after filling out their details.

Click the dropdown on “already subscribed page”. Select “custom Page”. Put in the same website link that you put in on the above step. That way if they are  already subscribed they can still see what you are advertising.

Click on “save web form”

Click on “go to step 3?

“Who will publish form”? Click on Have Aweber publish. Copy the link and keep it where you can get to it easily. Paste the link into your browser (another window)  so that you can see your form. Sign up on your list to see how it works. You will also want to be a member of your list so that you get a copy of each ad you send.

Now, for your ads you will want to get a cloaked link. I recommend . Cloak your link and save it. If you need something to help you organize
many various links and ads, I recommend Clipmate software . I use it all of the time.

Okay, so now you have your list.

You also have a form created.

Make up an ad for what you are advertising. Instead of sending them to your affiliate link, send them to your form.
Many will want to see what you are advertising in your ad so they will enter their information to get to your website.

You can start collecting leads right away.

Send ads through safelists and anywhere you advertise.

If you already have splash pages you use, change the links to go to your aweber form page instead of straight to your affiliate website.  This way you can keep doing what you are already doing but will be building your list while you advertise.

Now, once you get a couple of people on your list (or even before, because – remember – it also goes to Twitter & Facebook) start
advertising to your list.

At the top bar on the page, mouse over “messages”.

Click on “broadcast”, then on “create broadcast message”.

Put in your subject and ad (use the plain text section for your ad).

Page down – send immediately or later (you decide).

Go to “include or exclude lists”. Check all so it goes to everyone, no matter what list they are on.

Go to “social media sharing” and enable that if you want it to go to Twitter, Facebook, or both. Make sure to use the drop downs
where it says Twitter/Facebook to make sure it sends to your account (if you’ve set that up already).

Click on “save broadcast”.

Click on the green box by your broadcast that says “queue”. (without doing this step your broadcast will not be sent).

Now you have sent a broadcast email to your list(s). I do this two times daily (make sure you have 8 hours at least between sends).

Here is the link again to Aweber: – I highly recommend starting to build your list today.
Remember, if you build your list from advertising something that can make you money, you are MAKING MONEY while building your list. That is the BEST way!

Take care,

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Thorough, convincing and professionally edited... Thanks for sharing!

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