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1 year ago

Staged has gotten a whole lot better!

May 24th 2013 at 6:35 AM

Staged is a social media sharing platform that allows people to capitalize on the power of Viral marketing and allows people to share funny, amazing, silly, interesting videos with their friends or clients. It leverages one of the biggest trends on the internet today for traffic generation and even list building.

What makes Staged unique is that it is very visually appealing to watch videos on. It allows marketers to easily monetize videos using adsense, adzly ads(like google adwords), amazon ads and banners to affiliate products and services that are related in topic to the video in question.

Recently the platform has undergone a lot of enhancements that have made a great program so much better! And, there are more coming very soon!

Enhancement #1 - Facebook Comments
Since the time Staged was first launched there has always been the in-house commenting system. It worked well, and continues to work well, but we are always looking for ways to get more exposure for your Stages. Enter: the ability to use Facebook's commenting system.

Now, whenever someone comments on one of your stages their comment will also be displayed on their Facebook wall as well. That means their friends are going to see their comment as well, and that means your Stage is going to have more eyes looking at it.

And more eyes, means more leads, more customers, more ad revenue for you!

With the Facebook comments you still have the ability to moderate the comments too with the "Stage Edit" page for details on what you need to do to activate that ability.

Enhancement #2 - New Staged Blog
Again, in an effort to gain more exposure for your Stages and your Staged Business a publicly accessible blog is now available. It will automatically be populated with all of the updates, enhancements, testimonials, etc that are sent out of Corporate so you don't have to manage it.

And… if anyone joins Staged from your blog, you get credit.

Enhancement #3 - Our New Testimonials Page
This is very powerful social proof on the effectiveness of the program. People can read how others have used the program and their results.

Enhancement #4 - Default Master Template
Now you can choose all of the default settings that you would like for all of the Stages you (or StageBot) create in the future. This will be a great time-saver!

Enhancement #5 - Global Ad Management
You also have the ability to update/change the banner ads, text ads or forms that you have placed on all of your existing Stages.

So, if you come across an offer you want to run, or you feel that a current ad or form you are using isn't pulling its weight anymore you should be able to change it easily. Another great timesaver! You still have the option to do this on a stage-by-stage basis.

Enhancement #6 - Learn Site Improvements
This is the sales page that your prospects see. One is a complete rewrite of the copy from top to bottom designed to be more persuasive and powerful in getting across its message.

The most prominent change is the non-scrolling header bar at the top with links to the blog, the new Testimonials Page and the "Join Now" page.

If you haven't looked at staged yet then I would ask you to consider it; I've received lots of viral traffic to my programs and you can make money in multiple ways.

Regardless of what program you're in whether network marketing or affiliate marketing, staged can take your internet marketing efforts to the next level.

Check it out here!

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Oct 18th 2013 at 4:02 AM by simba3
good article i like it
Oct 10th 2013 at 6:07 AM by marty
Thanks for sharing this useful information.
Jul 27th 2013 at 1:01 AM by topnetworkeral
been getting the emails from them but have not had the time to look; Since you've put this together, I'll take some time to check out the updates this weekend.
Jul 13th 2013 at 8:39 PM by LonnieG
Thank you, Bill, for the review of the enhancements of the Staged program. I plan to check it out. ~L

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