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James Harman Phillips | JamesHarmanPhillips
The more things we learn and the more we know and apply the more useful we are. Never retire, just change activities. Live long and prosper.

SSI-The long term and the short term. (Especially yours)

Aug 2nd 2011 at 5:39 PM

The long term and the short term.

Never Retire only change activities.
That has always been my slogan up to my present 75th year.

But you should be receiving a monthly retirement
income so that you can enjoy your chosen activities
without monetary preoccupations, even when your
activity is your job, profession or calling.

Should you be in the 18 to 88 age group a monthly retirement
income starting now is a must.

I have it on good authority that there are 600 million
families who would aspire to working from home sitting at
a computer and earning a monthly income from the hours
they are putting in.

There is another huge group who leave home every day
and either on foot or bicycle or car, bus, train or ferry
boat go off commuting to work. Some spend empty hours every
day just travelling to and fro and consuming fuel in some way.

Be that as it may, every commuter will have to stop doing that at
some age.

To make that change as comfortable as possible we all need a plan
and a system that will harvest us more that enough funds for our
monthly expenses and lots left over for our pleasure and investment.

The Private Sector SSI is here to fill the need of those groups
already mentioned.

It is an ambitious plan.

The thing I like about it is that each one
will enter by the same door, all equal.

That is to say everyone can only start with the Trial Account.
You are not allowed to pay anything for the Trial Account.
You can only proceed when you are ready.
This I think is one of the big attractions of SSI.

"For those people who might want or need an additional source
of income to begin or supplement their retirement savings,
or to help them pay off debt, save for college, or for
whatever other reason they might consider important,
SSI also provides (at no additional cost) the SSI Income Opportunity."

Dave remarked:  "Suppose it takes me 6 months to break even and move into profit. If I can reasonably expect to live for another 30 years (I'm 57 years old now), that gives me 29 1/2 years to recover my initial costs and collect a residual income as a result of that initial investment... after which I will pass my SSI income on to my children.

Even if it takes me a full year to "turn the corner"... and even if I only live another 20 years... where else can I create 19 years of residual income and an inheritance after only 12 months of work and investment?

And when I think of being able to accomplish that with an investment of only $49.95 per month, it makes me a little jealous.

With a tiny investment like that, I would be happy to wait for 5 years... although I know I'd never have to... in order to be on the receiving end of that arrangement for 15 years (or longer) when I was in my 60's, 70's, and 80's.

Maybe it's easier for me to see things that way because of my experience being self-employed and having to pay both portions of the Social Security contributions... the employee portion on myself and the employer contribution on myself... totaling well over $1,000 per month many many times and knowing that the "break even" point was somewhere beyond the year 2024."

"The advantages of having an unlimited-width matrix are:

1.) You keep (and are paid by) everyone you personally refer, no matter how many. If over the next 10 years you personally refer 100 active members, you will be paid $25 per month by each of those people.

2.) You will be paid by each person in each of those people's groups a full 4 more levels down."

Therefore. Make your SSI  your chance of a lifetime and start working at building that income.

Set up your own free SSI trial account now.

Go here:

Accept Success
James Phillips
Skype - james21p

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Oct 25th 2011 at 9:29 AM by GTBulmer
Hello, James: You make some very good points about preparing, at any age, for our retirement income. Thinking ahead and planning ahead are so important. Thanks for sharing your business opportunity with the members here. GT :-)

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