Specimen wood pavilion after welding

Feb 3rd 2015 at 1:47 AM

The weldment welded on universal mechanical testing machine fixture, tensile curves obtained under different oscillation time. Figure 4 is made up time 2. 5 s tensile curves. The maximum tension weldment can afford to 324.2 N, tensile strength of 5. 403 MPa. After the tensile test, the test pieces separated as shown in Figure 5. Tensile strength remaining in each group different oscillation period is shown in Table 1. Che pull length f / mm 4 weldment tensile test curve.balcony composite decking price singapore

Large difference attributable placed deviation or error of the measurement process during the test weldments; send-up time of 2.5 s and 3.0 s weldments, its tensile strength basically stable at around 5. 4 MPa; oscillation time 3 . 5, 4.0,4.5 s weldments, its tensile strength stabilized at about 7 MPa, tensile tests oriented highest three groups; send-up time of 5.0 S weldments, its tensile strength is suddenly reduced to 2. 83 MPa, the reason is to increase the oscillation time of the ultrasonic energy is led to the increase in transfer, ultrasonic energy to pass after the formation of the welded joint, which will destroy the excess energy of the welded joint has been formed, resulting in decreased bonding strength.outdoor plastic walkways

Thus, the oscillation time 3.5 s to 4.5 s weldments, the basic form larger joint connection strength, tensile strength values stable. In addition, the test uses the same universal connection strength testing machine to measure the mechanical bonding comparison group, using epoxy adhesive bonding of two glued pieces can not be measured results of its bonding strength; using acrylic adhesive stick connect the two weldments, maximum tension of 68.4 N, a tensile strength of 1. 14 MPa. Compared WPC connection strength, tensile strength was not as good gluing pieces welded parts, the two biggest difference of 6 to 7 times. Thus, ultrasonic welding has a large advantage in the WPC right angle connections.thermal expansion and contraction of wood and plastic

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