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Spams in my letterbox... How to separate the wheat from the chaff

Jul 12th 2010 at 6:29 AM

The biggest problem for people, who just started to familiarise with online marketing, is the time management. The biggest problem in the time management is overloaded letterbox.

When I started online marketing I was over helmed by seemingly never ending possibilities...  After a very short time my letterbox was full of correspondence, full of proposition, full of promises, “never before” and “never after” chances. I was spending hours reading all that staff and signing here and there...

Looking back however – I do not have many regrets. It is a very old saying that one must learn on her/his own mistakes and it is indeed very right....

My first frantic actions to “be in business” were awarded. I can now quite accurate guess if the email is worth reading or not.  If the subjects are for example:

No skills required or Get your FREE DVD of building a $1.2m business or Secrets of Make Money On-Line Revealed or Just Copy & Paste This Email Ad and You Get Paid! Or How to make $2000 in two weeks or You can have your first million in one year or similar to them – I just simply delete those posts...

There are days I receive many letters on the same subject. The “topic of the day” goes on and on...and too, ends in trash.

Marketers know that there is no easy task to provoke reader and made him open an e-mail. So the subject of their email could be:

Re: Your Payment Has Been Processed, or Re: your link, or: Re: you have 5 sign ups, or: Claim your reward here, or Clickbank payment is waiting for you, etc.

Another category of letters which goes to the rubbish bin belong to people who never bother to check what they are sending me:

Hello {first name}...

I know – this is an error of auto responder, but you can always preview your letter and fix it.

The art of writing letters is still very important. Especially for people who want to convince you that they know their subject, you are genuine and serious. If you are selling dreams of quick million dollars, do not expect big results. On the contrary, you are losing your integrity and in the end you lose your possibility to run genuine, steady online business.



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Nov 27th 2011 at 7:47 PM by LonnieG
I very much agree! Overall value offered by someone you would like to get to know better because you feel like you can trust her/him should be the goal of any marketing letter ... Of course, it should have been initiated from a permission based opt-in in the first place. ~LonnieG

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