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sounded like fun nike air max 2015 pas cher

Jul 19th 2015 at 10:54 PM
It all began 3 years or so ago when my insurance and finance company offered me 16 free trades with their brokerage. It sounded like fun nike air max 2015 pas cher , although I knew absolutely nothing about the stock market. So I took the bait, sent them $500, and I was a trader. I researched companies to death, requested info packages in the mail, called public relation departments, all to purchase 5 or 10 shares of their stock. Then I began reading books about investors and I was hooked. The 16 trades lasted me about 2 months and when it was over, I was almost $100 richer. Then they wrote me an e mail telling me my free trades are up and from now and forward, that will be $20 a trade please. I m not a genius mind you, but even that math didn t add up to me. That next $100 will cost me $320 leaving me with a $220 deficit. Nope, I ll have none of that. Way to smart to fall for their scheme. Now I m looking around the Internet about stocks and trading. There is a whole universe out there. Then I see the free 2 hour stock market class in your city . Well, if it s free, what have I got to lose? I guess the proper word, the one they used anyway, was seminar. The seminar was hosted at the best hotel in town, here that s the Hilton, and was actually very professionally done. I arrived, not knowing what to expect, but absolutely knowing what I wanted. To learn how I could get rich fast and easy. And to my surprise, they did. Well, almost. I had to come back for a weekend course, and it was there that I was to be enlightened on how easily I could make tons of money, just like all these guys had, by just clicking the mouse when the arrows turned green. It all sounded so easy. But why then isn t everyone doing it? How exactly did it all work? Remember if it sounds to good to be true.... . Come back for a whole two day seminar, and we ll show you. By the end of that two days I had so much time invested, I may as well give them the $2000 they asked for to get me to subscribe to the web site. They showed me a whole lot of stuff I already knew from all the books I d read. So i gave them another five to teach me about options. They gave me a book an e book that explained what an option was. But...for another $5000 I could learn how to use option strategies. But I d had enough. Fool me once, fool me twice, but three times? Not you guys, I ll go somewhere else for that. And I did. (To be fair , the website this particular company offered was actually a very useful and valuable tool. I used it for 2 years and once I figured out that the green arrows weren t the fountain of wealth, I made some use of it. Just not $7000 worth) I went to services, guys that told me what to buy, when to, different methods, ect. ect. All to no avail. I just couldn t make any money. I didn t really lose money, except the money I spent on services, but stayed pretty even in the markets for a year or so. The people at the services were making money, but not me. Why, Why, Why. What finally got me off the pay someone else to do the trading for me train was when I read about Dr. Alexander Elder and then read his book, Trading for a living. Apart from all the other most useful pieces of information, there a section about the harm you can do yourself by blindly following your gurus , and getting off your....and learning to do the work yourself. And I did. And it worked. There are books about strategies, books about candlesticks, books about Wall Street and books about anything and everything to do with the stock market. There are good books, useful books, worthless books, just all kinds of books. I read them all. Well, not literally, mostly because they begin to repeat themselves and there are so many of them. Seems if you can t make money trading, you can always write a book about trading. No, that s not fair, I take it back. Anyway, I read books and developed a sort of style over some months, an evolving style, if you will, but at least I was trying it on my own. The funniest thing happened after that , I began to win more money than I was losing. Not a lot, but more. By now I m well into my second year of being in the market, (notice I didn t say trading as I was mostly giving) I ve signed up with a discount broker with really cheap trades and I have discovered options. Yes, options. Sure I read about em and heard about em but had yet to do it with them. I had to get it OK d through my broker and he was willing. Ask, bid, last, open interest bla bla bla. I knew you bought it at the ask price and sold it at the bid price. The first option I bought was one contract of AMX at the money. The very next day was a big day up for the stock, and the option made $100. Did you catch that...One Hundred Dollars on one contract in one day!! Holy crap. My heart was beating so fast, I couldn t push the button on my computer fast enough. $100 in one day. Of course it continued up, up, up directly after that, but no matter. A hundred bucks. Seriously, that was how I felt. Options were the way to go. Granted, I learned my lesson shortly after that and began to study options and try and learn the proper way to use them. And am still learning today. When I discovered blogs, it all changed for me. Real people doing real work, rather than paid professionals working 8s. And what a wealth of information and training. Of course, the easy way would be just to match trades, or be an Internet leech , as it is called, but I learned my lesson about that with all those pay for trades services. You know the ones. They give you a thousand trades to make, which you obviously can t afford, and when you complain that your losing, they tell you that you must follow them exactly. All the trades. Smooth. Instead, I listened to their methods (the bloggers) Listened and read and learned. There are loads of blogs to sift through. Some, quite a few actually, that are genuine and helpful. Mentors. Yes, mentors. I remember the first. I just sort of stumbled across
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