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Success Coach, leader, networker, mentor, MLM author, networking, connecting and building relationships online since 1996. Teaching and supporting others in how to succeed in the Network Marketing profession.

Professional Network Marketer living at Lake Travis in Austin Texas with husband and two sons.

Enjoy family, reading, self development, helping others achieve success in Network Marketing, passionate follower of Christ, and listening (ie: Bible, Dani Johnson, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Mark Gorman, Laurie Beth Jones), bird watching, lake activities, health/wellness and fitness, Yoli The Better Body Company, walking, gardening. Gluten Free foodie.
Sue Seward | sueseward
Network Marketing is BIG Business! Treat it like a 'real' business and it will pay you like one! Be prosperous in your business!
3 years ago

Someone recently was asking the question -“Is Facebook the place to generate your MLM leads?”

Jul 5th 2010 at 12:51 PM

This was my response below and it's not to imply that there is anything negative about social networking and Facebook or that being active on social communities is not the right thing to do.   My sincere hope is that this message truly does inspire people to take action and become wildly successful in their business!


I've been networking and building relationships online since 1996 and most of the people I’ve actually brought into my business have been from either calling cold leads, ad coops like magazine, pay per click and radio coops, or company and/or product specific leads and warm market.   Sometimes I call myself a dinosaur I’ve been online so long! 



The leads I really prefer to work are people who are requesting information on my actual company and/or product.   In other words, they are in the looking zone for a particular company and/or product.   The people who joined me from online marketing have typically taken several years to cultivate the relationship and right timing for us to partner in a business.  



There is no pie in the sky magic secret to building a real long term business.  It takes consistent effort, money, focus and time.  The more you speak with people who are actually in the looking zone for your company and/or product the faster your business will actually grow, period.   That is if you are interested in building a real business and not being in the hobby of just spending all your time socializing which can sometimes deceive people into 'thinking' they are building a business.

Back when I started online all we had was email and the telephone. We didn't have all the social networking communities like we do now days.   We may have been better off because there were not as many distractions like we see on the world wide web now. 

There’s a lot competing for our attention online isn’t there?     All those shopping sites, online communities, blogs, groups, businesses, advertising, training, webinars, online gurus sending  their offers, newsletters, ebooks, ecourses, and on and on and on.  And then on some more!   

A person can get so distracted by all the ‘stuff’ online and never really create any volume or income in their own business because they are constantly getting into the next big thing online and there’s usually a catch!  Someone’s making money aren't they?   The important question to ask yourself is – are YOU?



Way back in the cave man Internet days we still built relationships with people we met online and it took quite a bit of time to cultivate these relationships.  Some people I started a relationship with did not end up as a business partner for two to six years and there are some who still never have.   This doesn’t mean that we will never do business together.   



We keep in touch and that's the important thing to remember.  It's always about developing the relationship and I’ve been doing, teaching and writing about this very thing since way back in 1996.   I always recommend staying in touch and do not burn bridges with people.    I also do this with sending cards through the mail with an online greeting card system that I’ve used for over five years.  If someone is interested there’s a link on my blog to this marketing system.  Anyone who is interested is free to click on that link and see what it’s all about and determine if it’s a system they can use to keep in touch too.   Same thing with the other businesses I earn income with.  They are all connected to from my blog for anyone that is interested.



It's the same with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other online communities.   It will always be about building relationships and keeping in touch.   Social communities are virtual places where we meet and greet people and some we may cultivate a deeper relationship that could eventually turn into a business connection.  Sometimes it may even turn into a romantic relationship.  You just might meet the person of your dreams online if you’re in that sort of looking zone.  Wow who knows!   I happen to know two people that this happened for and now they are happily engaged as well as working in the same business together! 



What I do is post to my ‘blog’ which is connected to Facebook, Twitter and any other networking communities I wish to share information through using the share button on my blog.  With the click of my mouse my blog is viraled out to all sorts of online communities that I’m connected with.



If someone then decides to contact me after reading my blog because they felt a ‘connection’, they do so because it’s ‘their’ choice and if they decide not to connect this is perfectly ok too.  I have not depended on Facebook solely to build my business.  If I did I'd probably be broke because of the time it would take to build critical long lasting relationships that then may turn into business contacts and into volume which turns into income which is why we are in business to begin with right?



I coach people on using a variety of marketing methods such as warm market locally, buying leads, or getting into ad coops which are company and/or product specific (usually all the more productive), and perhaps online marketing if that's something appealing to them and they feel they have the time to devote and can discipline themselves to also stay in productive activities that produce business volume and income if that’s their ultimate goal.



I do not suggest to new people who are starting out to implement only one method like online marketing or just using Facebook or social networking for building a business unless they understand that it could take years for actual results.  For those who have been networking online as long as I have it may be a shorter process because we’ve been cultivating relationships online for many years.



Most people we meet in these social networking communities already have a business.  What can happen though is that when we cultivate a solid relationship with someone and they know we are a servant leader who actually cares about them and offers true value, they may just look us up when they ARE in the looking zone.  Someone may at least ask an opinion or obtain some guidance when they like, know and trust us right?



Building strictly using the Internet now days can take a great deal of time to develop and cultivate an actual business relationship, because it's a very cold market.   In fact, I’ve always referred to the Internet as the frozen market.   It is possible to cultivate a warm market online through time.



Some people may tend to spend the majority of their valuable time in social networking because they are hearing  that this is the big trend.   The truth is they may not be accomplishing much in the way of increasing actual business volume.   The people getting paid to teach this method may be attracting a lot of business contacts but the real truth is, are they really actually duplicating themselves?  



In other words, the people following those who are teaching this method may not be increasing their own sponsoring efforts or developing their own incomes.  They are however involved in a lot of socializing so perhaps this makes them think that they are doing something productive.  Sort  of like doing busy work.  What do their actual numbers look like?  



Think about where this time could be best spent because time is money right?  Is money coming into your pocket from socializing on the Internet spending most of the day on Facebook and in other social networks?



Bottom line is how much is your personal business increasing by socializing on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks? 

How many are moving up the ranks of your company by this marketing method alone? 

How many people  did you sponsor last month through social networking efforts and how many were signed up in your downline from this method last month? 

Maybe, just maybe, some of your quality time could be spent by also calling people who have actually expressed an interest in your particular business and/or product.   It’s a thought to ponder.



Since people do business with people they know, like and trust it makes perfect sense that trust has to be cultivated whether it's with leads purchased (which are prospects in the looking zone) or online doesn't it?  So why not do some of both and see how the numbers start to climb for your business.  Then teach this to your downline and watch what happens to their numbers too! 



Sue is an entrepreneur, online marketing coach, MLM author, loyal friend and servant team leader who has been networking, connecting and building relationships online since 1996.  She is a full time career earner in Network Marketing living at Lake Travis in Austin Texas with her husband and two sons and has a passion for gluten free cooking.  Contact Sue on her coaching blog at –



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Nov 15th 2010 at 1:08 PM by flconversation
Sue, what you explained is so true. Sometimes we have to think about the fact that there is much more place for products which have nothing to do with 'how to make money online'. Keeping this is mind there will be a lot of interesting 'stuff' for all those who are already involved in some biz. :)
Aug 2nd 2010 at 9:44 PM by rayextrasvc
Hi Readers, I made the time to visit Sue Seward's site after reading this feature and put it in my favorites. I am one of her new followers here. I have spent more time with Business Networks like Linkedin, Xing and Viadeo. I post messages from a server to a "like" business page at Facebook. The information is for people in all walks of life. Sue is right it does take time to build any business relationships. I have learned that the recommendations on Linkedin can be powerful. Mine helped me with a few connections a lot sooner then normal. Good Luck Everyone, Pamela
Jul 11th 2010 at 4:00 PM by lindamiller
Hey Sue, Great to see you! I am actually building one particular business in large on Facebook. It's great to build sincere relationships that emerge into business relationships as well.

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