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Apr 4th 2011 at 10:04 AM

Hi ya'll,

I want to start out by venting a little...alot of you know me...you've either read things I've written or worked with me on teams and some have even had personal conversasions with me but regardless of how you know me...you know that I'm straight forward and I say whats on my mind...now is another one of those times I'm speaking my mind.

I have attempted internet marketing now for over 4 yrs with a little succsess but not enough to brag about...most has come with teams but my problem with teams (and I'm asking for a little help from my friends on this) is they all seem to start out in the right direction and then somehow some way get sidetracked...why is this?...is it greed on the team leaders part is it that the leader doesn't know that if it's not broke don't try and fix it...I mean I was making good money with a couple of these teams...my downline was making money...everybody was happy...then we had to go in another direction the team was restructured nobody was happy nobody was making money everybody quit voila!...no more team...other teams I've given over a year of my life to waiting to get to the top of the rotator all the while costing me a monthly fee in a program only to be asked to join this program and that program...you finally make it to the top of the rotator to get yor downline and they have this brilliant plan on how they can do away with the rotator and people can get their downlines faster...Ahhhhh!!!!...c'mon gimme a freakin break here...what is goin on???

I'm in a Team right now (only reason is it was a one time fee) that I joined at the top but yet I haven't cycled the matrix once... yet others are cycleing 3, 4 and 5 times already...how does that happen...I hit well above the required hits every week. So needless to say I'm a little bit frustrated agravated P O'd or whatever other word you can come up with to describe not happy with teams at this point.

On a lighter note though I did run across an ad while surfing yesterday for another team that described in their advertising the exact sentiments I was feeling and decided to give them a try and will let you know in another writing just how I feel they did. From reading the forum they sound like the type of team I was looking for but then again so did the others I joined...I'm not looking for a get rich quick scheme I work for what I have...I work outside my home 16 hr days as well as surf this internet and I stick by my guns when I join a team...I will work for the team but by God I want the team to work for me as well...I don't think thats to much to ask for.

Now getting back to the asking for a little help from my friends bit...if any of you have suggestions for a stable established team please let me know. I don't mind surfing for 3 or 4 teams if it will make me the money to eventually get me out of the 16 hr days...it's killin an old man...lol.

Hey thanks for letting me vent...ya'll have a great day...good peace and many blessings to all

ThunderWolf aka Lee

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