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Somanbolic muscle maximizer - Local fat loss

Nov 10th 2013 at 9:20 PM

Dr. Charles Livingston Fat Loss Factor review- A would not be a dream, they could lose fat locally, that is, only the problematic parts of the body? Any credible personal trainer will tell you that the local fat loss is impossible.

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Excess fat in the abdomen is not going to lose hundreds of crunches or reduce the volume of the buttocks with a number of series SIT-UPS. check the real deal Adipose and muscle tissue you do not share blood circulation and the muscle that burden, receive fuel (fatty acids from adipose tissue) in the whole body and not just in the area of the loaded muscles. So says the conventional belief that there is no way to lose body fat locally, fat can izgorevamo only calories, which is greater than the intake. And it really true?


Scientific background of local fat loss research dr. Benteja Stallknecht and his colleagues at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, has shown that the local loss of fat, however, possible because the decomposition of the fat is increased in adipose tissue, which is located near the overloaded muscles or muscle groups, such as degradation in the adipose tissue of a dormant muscle or muscle group.

The study involved 10 young men. First, 30 minutes implemented monopod ejection of the knee to 25 percent of maximum capacity, then the other leg exercise repeated, namely, 120 minutes, with 55 percent of the maximum load. This was followed by re-implementing the work with the first leg, and for 30 minutes with 85 percent of the maximum load. Subjects were resting between sets for 30 minutes. It was found that the decomposition of fat tissue is much higher in the fatty tissue of the loaded muscle than in the area above the quiescent muscle.

Researchers in the measurement of fat metabolism using radioactive tracers, which are much more accurate than other indirect methods of measuring the metabolism of fat.

We have already mentioned that the muscle and subcutaneous adipose tissue separate the bloodstream, there is no direct link between the two. So why is an increased consumption of fat in the area of vadečo muscle? check the real deal The reason lies in the fact that the pressure muscle generate heat and contributing to the elimination of substances that accelerate the flow of blood and the oxidation of fat in the adipose tissue of the loaded muscle or muscle group.

During intense exercise your body releases stress hormones such as growth hormone, epinephrine and norepinephrine, which promote fat oxidation (fat burning for fuel). These hormones travel to and from the body fat stores and help to speed up the fat burning. Training in which to raise the temperature of the muscle and adipose tissues, accelerate blood flow in fatty tissue, improves the level of secretion of stress hormones, which also contribute to the local loss of body fat.


The loss of fat in the problematic parts of the body is therefore possible.

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