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somanabolic muscle maximizer scam - How to correct and healthy diet for

Nov 15th 2013 at 10:37 PM

Dr. Charles Livingston Fat Loss Factor review- If unhealthy and too hujšamo us not only endangers the well-known 'yo-yo' effect, which causes a jiffy get back the lost pounds, but threatens us much much more unpleasant.

1 When you lose weight too quickly, the tissue can not be adjusted and result in loose, stretched tissue. Among women have the highest risk of breast and thighs, in both sexes and in the neck, abdomen and arms. 1 kg weight loss per month is ideal, say smart therapists. Of course, in the beginning we lose more, some months less pounds per month, but it is a healthy average of 10 to 12 kg per year. 2 Increases the concentration of toxins in the body.

When the weight loss does not care for the accelerated elimination of toxins, poisons volume remains unchanged. Our volume is reduced. Which means that the concentration of poisons to increase. Debeluščki have a great advantage over skinny: poisons when they were first placed in a fibrous and fatty tissue. There least disturbance. Skinny but do not have much storage capacity in the fatty tissues and therefore the toxins fairly quickly loaded into bodies (bad) and the nervous system (the worst).

Therefore, we must mobilize all the weight loss bodies rastrupljanje. In the lungs and skin which is very obvious when there is something wrong. We also warn the intestines, kidney is a little bigger problem, liver and nervous system do not have, so do not hurt. They are a factory for predelavno toxins and very important organ for detoxification. It would therefore be cleaned before treatment, the liver.

During treatment, we occasionally klistirati and thus helping the liver to detoxify the body. Do not forget to clean drinking water, which also rasztruplja and sauna. Help massage, dry brushing, and of course movement. 3 Sports of weight loss is necessary. only food we can not lose weight healthily.

The physical exercises increase your muscle mass, not only to help us moving the pots with flowers, muscles also help with weight loss. Which is important for post-weight loss - more than you'll have the muscle, the more 'normal' you can eat, because muscle tissue burns more energy. Because telesnee workout quickly reduced levels of insulin after meals. And, as best hujšamo when the level of insulin is low, it is necessary for sports weight loss.

The sports activity influence on fat and connective tissue. Thus, on the one side take care for the firmness of tissues, on the other hand, rotate the stock activated toxins. A excessive sports activity during weight loss is not desirable. We need to avoid exercise, which we strongly acidified.

These are exercises where we go in the anaerobic area - this is where the pulse is too high, you need to breathe deeply and rapidly, the work-out too. Acid resulting from such exercise, are also toxic.

4 A drastic shortage of vital substances. Due to unhealthy diet, which we enjoyed in the past, stocks vitamins and minerals already well exhausted. During treatment, eat less, usually a lot of milk, eat a non-seasonal food ... Whereas more engaged with sport further zakisamo and consume minerals.

During weight loss we need to take care of it (seasonal, local) food, which will have a lot of vital substances (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, fatty acids, roughage ...).

Such a diet is usually in itself a low glycemic index, especially considering the golden rule - as little carbohydrates. Ideal freshly squeezed vegetable juices of seasonal vegetables or fruit and vegetable drinks.

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