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Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer - How To Build Leg Muscle

Aug 27th 2011 at 12:19 AM

Below we describe how we can effectively build muscles feet with an optimal ratio of effort / result. But before you do, let's learn some interesting facts about our feet.
Our species - homo sapiens - was able to develop thanks to the fact that our ancestors got up to "hind legs", freeing your hands for work.
The legs have always been very important for human beings. In prehistoric times, the lower limbs helped to escape from predators and catch their prey.
In almost any sport, strong and quick feet - the trump card. All of the preparation of soldiers in military units of the world greatest attention to the preparation of a Cross. For example, to join the ranks of the world famous French Legion, you must be fast and durable runner.

Is it so important?
Absolutely! About 50% of the whole body muscle mass accounted for muscles of the legs. Weak and thin legs would not allow the fighters raise their opponents for a throw, basketball - jump to the ring, and bodybuilders - to acquire a beautiful and strong body.
Beginners visitors' basement rocking "often make a serious mistake - they have little time given the lower parts of the body. Against the background of thin thighs and buttocks big torso looks ridiculous and inappropriate.
Some people believe that the body is strong as the weakest part of it. Underdevelopment of the lower extremities slows sports progress, not allowing the athlete to raise the normal body weight squats and effectively build muscle mass.
Planning and training methods
Спринт Each case begins with planning, and law enforcement training as well. Highlight for himself on the half hour, 3-4 times a week to pay attention to sports. It is quite enough if you follow our instructions. Let's start.
Identify the purpose of employment: gain mass or do leg relief. This is certainly not a matter of life and death. For any training methods to varying degrees will increase strength, stamina and speed of foot.
If you want to train a lot, you should focus on maximal strength efforts. Weight weights must be chosen so that you could do no more than 8-10 reps of one exercise. In each session you should not do more than 3 exercises for 4-5 sets, one of which - a warm-up.
Weight capacity contribute to the basic heavy exercises: squats on one leg, leg presses on the simulator. At the same time encourage readers to avoid MirCovetov isolated and "light" exercise, because they burn a lot of energy and focus to work through relief of muscle.
Train to be bumpy with small weights at the rate of: 12-18 reps in one go. During one session is recommended to perform 4-5 exercises for 4-5 sets each. Except gym You can add aerobic exercise: jogging at the stadium and cross country, cycling, sports (football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, etc.) ...
If you can not be defined with a direction of training (weight or relief) to choose, look at yourself in the mirror. What did you to taste: a small but clearly traced the muscles, or massive and strong? At first, begin to "wobble" on the ground. If you are satisfied - do not change the methodology. After a few months can for a variety of "dry". Constantly monitor the results themselves determine to what an ideal to strive for.
Be careful, because the knee is very easy to damage, but hard to repair. So before the training necessary to knead for 15 minutes. In addition, you can not abruptly give greater load. In any exercise, one or two warm-up approach should be relatively easy.

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