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somanabolic muscle maximizer | free downlode

Aug 29th 2012 at 3:37 AM

There is much confusion in gyms with regard to what are the best ways to reduce body fat. That's why many people are using terrible workouts and nutrition systems that I cringe every time I set foot in a gym! This article aims to help eliminate some of the common mistakes that people have about fat loss and provide some appropriate guidelines for a more toned physique.

If I eat less and less, I'm going to weigh less and less!

This is NOT the ideal method to achieve fat loss. When you starve, you allow the production of anabolic hormones that are responsible for metabolism begins to decline. While it may be true that you will lose some weight at first, your metabolism controls the total amount of calories you burn on a daily basis. Allow your metabolism to slow actually make it harder to burn fat! There are several studies examining this phenomenon. For example, a study organized by the American Society for Clinical Nutrition measured resting metabolic rate in relation to body mass in 6 six women over 3 weeks with a very low calorie diet. The study found that the resting metabolic rate in relation to body mass was reduced to an average of 82% of the original value in just three weeks.

Assuming you had a basal metabolic rate of 2000 calories a day (the amount of calories your body burns in a day), just 82% would burn 1640 calories per day. So assuming you'd go hungry,somanabolic muscle maximizer download you may be able to lose weight at first, but will decrease your metabolic rate and speed will be very easy to gain weight back again.

If I do weight training I'm putting enoooorme!

The composition of your body will change according to the amount of calories that you put into it. People who are looking to burn fat usually moderate their daily calorie restriction and calorie restriction is not conducive to muscle growth. So you can train with weights all you want, but do not earn centimeters on your biceps if you're eating salads all day. However, weight training has its uses in a fat loss program, as it can help to increase metabolism and maintain muscle fat free.

Aerobics is the only exercise I need to lose weight!

Aerobics is an effective tool for weight loss but only when used in conjunction with weight training. Too much aerobic exercise will make you lose muscle mass which is responsible for giving your body a healthy and defined. In other words, while you may be able to lose weight by doing aerobic exercise exclusive, your body fat percentage will remain high as they lose muscle mass. Weight training should be used in conjunction with cardio in order to achieve a lean physique. Winter is interval training, like cardiovascular weight training set.

Guidelines for effective fat loss

Do not starve. Your body needs calories to maintain a healthy metabolism and maintain hormone production.

MAKE weight training. A program for the whole body using compound movements (exercises that work multiple muscle groups) increases metabolism and keeps fat-free muscle mass.

When performing cardiovascular exercise, it's best to use interval training for fat loss high intensity. This method results in higher oxygen consumption by the body which in turn help text us burn fat.

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