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Jul 12th 2012 at 12:58 AM


As I noted in the section on the bulking phase, now that your goal is to eliminate that extra fat, you have to start by reviewing your eating

habits, making the necessary modifications, to suit your needs at this time.

The desired outcome at this stage is that your weekly body weight decrease between 300 and 500 g. In case you do not, you have to make the

following changes:

- If your body weight increases:

Decreases by 15% the amount of carbohydrate breakfast (cereal), lunch (oatmeal or bread) and lunch (entrees).

If, despite this decrease in caloric intake your weight does not begin to drop, you must make weekly Reductions of 10% in the amount of

carbohydrates that before I told you, until your body weight down to the rhythm indicated.

- If your body weight is stable:

Decreased by 10% the amount of carbohydrates in breakfast, lunch and dinner as I indicated in the previous section and you should start losing


- If your low body weight too fast (above 500 grams. Week):

Increased by 10% the amount of carbohydrates in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thus the rate of descent of your body weight should be tempered to

stabilize at the desired values.

Let you know that it is essential that you not obsessed with increasing your muscle mass when you are following this diet plan. Now is the time

to lose fat, not gain muscle mass.

Also you should bear in mind that it is normal for your energy levels falter in moderation, since it is a logical consequence of a reduced calorie diet. Click Here

So do not have to worry about unless you feel excessively tired and lacking energy. In that case, you should pay close attention to the rest

periods between your workouts and your rate of weight down, as if it's too fast, chances are you are sacrificing muscle tissue, and you should make an

adjustment in your diet, according to the tips you've read a few paragraphs above.

If your rate of descent of weight is the one I propose here, and your workouts are designed correctly, you should not lose muscle or, in any

case, the losses should be very moderate.

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