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Solar Light Batteries - Evolution Of Solar Energy To A Brighter Future

Aug 10th 2015 at 11:43 PM

Energy can be classified into Renewable and Non-Renewable resources on the basis of its regeneration capacity. Renewable resources of energy are available in unlimited amounts such as sunlight, wind etc. However, non-renewable resources are limited in nature. They will exhaust eventually. Coal, wood, and petroleum are some of the examples of non-renewable resources.

This change is caused due to adoption of Solar Energy within the rural communities to solve their daily utility purposes like cooking and lighting.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is a vivid heat and light energy that comes directly from the sun. Without it all life on earth will end. Vast amounts of solar energy are freely available. This energy source can be harnessed by using a wide range of evolving technologies such as solar thermal energy and solar heating.

Most of the solar energy is that comes on earth is in the form of visible light and infrared light. Solar radiations reach the earth with the power of 1366 W/m2. Since the Earth is round, the polar region receives much less solar energy than the equatorial region.

Types of Technologies:

Nowadays, there are many technologies developed to harness the available solar energy. For example, solar power plants, solar cars, Solar Powered Lanterns etc. They can convert the solar energy for direct uses such as lighting etc. or convert it into electricity. Solar power plants, Solar Light Batteries are some of the examples that covert and conserve the solar energy into electricity. Solar cells or batteries directly catch and convert the energy from sunlight into electrical energy. These cells and batteries have many uses. They are mostly uses in rural areas, where electrical power from other sources is not available. They are also used in solar-powered watches, calculators, hot water geysers etc.

The demand for using such solar powered products is constantly growing. The main reason for this growth is the improving affordability. This means that electricity is now easily available for enabling technologies for various development programs in the field of education, water supply and hospitality.

Another form of solar energy that is gaining high popularity especially in the rural areas is solar power phone charger. All these great innovations have led to improvement in the daily lives of human. Thus the demand for solar cells continues to increase.

As compared to other sources of energy, solar energy does not lead to harmful emission of gasses during its production. Like wind energy, biomass energy, hydroelectricity and geothermal energy, the sun energy provides a good resource of generating sustainable electricity.

Solar technology isn’t new. Today everything can be accessed on solar energy from solar powered buildings to solar cars. Solar power looks tempting especially for those who have limited budget constraints. Recently new solar technology has been introduced in the market which will cater to various needs of the consumer. On the other hand International market is rigorously helping in the expansion of solar power industry.

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