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Solar Cellphone Charger – Hassle Free and Cost Effective Charging

Jun 12th 2015 at 2:39 AM

Solar cellphone charger can charge both lead acid batteries and Ni-Cd batteries. Solar powered chargers are generally renewable source of energy and hence they are environment friendly.

There are many benefits in using solar power for charging everyday equipments.
•  Clean and Easy
As solar chargers are renewable source of energy, they do not consume any fuel and also do not emit any waste into the environment. All that these chargers need are solar panels which can be placed in the sun for the charge to be produced.

•  Quiet
There are no moving parts for these chargers and hence they do not vibrate or create any mechanical noise while they charge the batteries.

•  Battery Life
Solar power produces DC current through the sunlight. DC electrons saturate the lead batteries in a gradual manner. This process prevents the batteries to discharge and charge in quick successions which generally diminishes the battery life.

•  Charge Anywhere
Solar Charger for Iphone
can help the person to charge their mobile phones without any electricity sockets. The batteries can be charged anytime and from anywhere without being dependent on the electricity.

•  Maintenance
As they do not consume any fuel, solar battery chargers are very easy to maintain. There are no parts that can wear and tear while using these charges. The only maintenance needed is to keep the surface of the solar panels clean.

•  Safe
Unlike the electricity, the power generated by the solar chargers is only about 12 volts and 30 amps. This low power reduces the chance of getting electrocuted and also prevents electrical fires. Charging the Solar Light Batteries can be safe and reliable for the users.

•  Travel
The chargers do not have any wiring and hence they provide the freedom of movement for the users while charging their phone.

•  Cost Effective
Electricity is becoming scarce and expensive due to the increase in the world’s population. The cost of electricity bills are reduced significantly when the appliances are charged using solar lanterns as the latter is available at free of cost.

Batteries may never stop working as long as there is sunlight in the world. Appliances can be charged even in the most remote desert of the world. Installing or purchasing these chargers may be a bit expensive but in the long run they are very cost effective.  
Solar Battery Chargers are available in wide range of sizes. Foldable solar panels are easy to carry around for the users to charge the batteries in case of unexpected power failures.

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