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SiteTalk Review

Mar 7th 2013 at 4:51 PM

I was recently asked by a friend to review a new online social network called SiteTalk.  SiteTalk was originally under the umbrella of a company called Unaico Ltd (United Nordic Alliance Investment Company) which sits under a bigger umbrella called The Enigro Group.

What is SiteTake?  SiteTalk is trying to be a next Facebook. The SiteTalk platform enables members to communicate with friends, family and business contacts globally, utilizing a range of communication tools. also offers its members exclusive services, both free and paid-for, combined with a unique rewards program. By using SiteTalk services, both current and future, members earn loyalty points that can be used for making purchases in the communities online shopping portal, SiteTalk Mall. Adding VoIP to mobile services allows subscribers to make inexpensive calls from their handsets instead of using costly airtime minutes.  SiteTalk enables you to access this emerging market and profit by selling calling time to mobile customers. They launched a marketing campaign last year with thousands of buses throughout Hong Kong bearing SiteTalk advertising.

My Option.... I’m concerned for the people who might be blindly investing in this company, that promises so much.  I’d like to warn people who have invested or are thinking of investing in SiteTalk to pull out before they lose all their money.   I have found out that SiteTalk is a known global pyramid scam that has already left many victims around the world, especially in China, Slovenia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.  Many different police and governments have issued warnings about them (see links below).

Unaico Holding Ltd in Singapore, shows its CEO as Evensen Rune.  Other companies under the Unaico umbrella are SiteTalk Communities Ltd of the UK, CEO Pettersson Max; SiteTalk Sim of Spain; and  Bjorn Koritz in Greenwich, CT (their US contact).   Also I have learned that SiteTalk Sim has changed its name to iTel Global Group.

The known leadership of Sitetalk, Unaico, and iTel Global Group have a long history of criminal activity behind them and they includes the follow;
Jarle Thorsen has been convicted of fraudulent accounting and was a recruiter for failed pyramid/Ponzi scams WWA, WGI, Giicorp and Plexpay.

Rune Evensen was a recruiter for pyramid/Ponzi scams Plexpay, Giicorp, Alson Price and T5PC.

Dan Andersson was the front man with Rune Evensen

Thomas Nordlund, Kenny Nordlund are from GIIcorp, T6Poker, Entertainment express and other known scams. Rune Bodel and his brother are from GIIcorp, T6Poker, Entertainment express. Mehran Muslimi is from Marbella, Spain, with long history of telemarketing fraud and other criminal activities. Terje(terry) Ortiz Lien is behind SiteTalk Coffee and former sidekick of another con man named Thomas Oye.

I have also noticed that SiteTalk Sim has removed all its current employees names from their site, but you can see them in their web archive: SiteTalk Sim- Itel Group

Now SiteTalk is moving into the USA.  They have joined the famous "lawyer" con man Bjorn Koritz to change this to an IPO (Input-Process-Output) scam.  One of the companies that might be involved in this new scam is The Opportunity Network (OPN), which is now shown as the owner of

You can read more about SiteTalk here: Concerns about Sitetalk / Unaico / iTel Global Group

Also here are some related links to the SiteTalk scam:
Warning from China police
Warning from Pakistan government
Austrian FMA (Financial Market Authority)
Front page article from Norway biggest financial newspaper
Article in Swedish newspaper
gigantic pyramid-

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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