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Hello IMF members I am a Mum, Entrepreneur, and a UK based freelancer with over 10 years internet marketing experience. I am a graphic designer and I create whiteboard animations for local business

I have a positive attitude and a passion for life.
Pauleen Wainwright | befocused

Simple Steps to starting an online business

Feb 6th 2011 at 4:01 PM

In this article we'll look at some simple step you can take when starting an online business, let us see what needs to be done to succeed online.

This formula is very simple and most people are not paying enough attention to it. In explaining what to look for online, is the best way to learn how to start a business online.

When you look at starting an online business, you first want to find a particular area you are interested in. You want to see whether or not there is a lot of competition out there because it will affect the decision you make to enter a particular field.

When deciding to start an online business you will usually want to find a field where there is less competition, so you can start up with cheap but effective marketing and dominate that niche.

It is often easier to be a big fish in small pond than a small fish in a big pond. There are many ways you can make money with a website in this article is amaimed at showing some of the different ways.

You may decide to sell products online that you can find through wholesale distributors.

You can advertise your website and sell advertising using programs such as Google Adsense. You can even sell your products through eBay stores, either Yahoo, Amazon or your own web site using an ecommerce software that's available  free with most hosting companies.

Another key when you are looking for ways to start a business online, you ensure that you are constantly testing and retesting your website.

Once you  have your website design in place , you can not sit and wait for sales you have to work at getting enough traffic to it, you can have the best looking website on the planet but no visitor means no sales.

You need to test and retest with different   ways that you have your pages and website built to make sure you take advantage of traffic to your site. If not, you leave money on the table.

When looking at how to start an online business the final key is how you decide to market your website.

There are many companies that can afford to sell the traffic that is very cheap and it can be a good way to increase your natural search engine traffic.

The best way forward is to build organic search engine traffic, you do this through good content and developing back links. Backward links are links from other websites you so that when search engine robots to index web pages, which is a link to your website and index your pages.

If you work on finding and under stated niche, if you pick something that is a little bit not the norm it's easier to pay for traffic bought from Internet marketing firms as well as getting your  organic search engine traffic you will pick up.

A Key factor is you want to ensure that you  are developing both a good site and a topic that people are interested in and find the information they require and will continue to return to your website.

This is a simple formula in your search on how to start a business online.

Please to comment
Oct 2nd 2011 at 1:45 PM by befocused
thankyou Lonnie :-)
Sep 29th 2011 at 12:45 PM by LonnieG
Ah, the voice of experience is speaking here ... thank you! ~LonnieG

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