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simple steps to reach your goals

Mar 30th 2011 at 8:23 PM


We all embrace idea and goals that are healthy to our futures and the wholesomeness of our families. often we make few or no gain towards obtaining our most important goals. Don’t just delay and wish, if you want to expedite and develop your business, it’s time to take action.  Here are ten easy-going things that you can perform in order to reach your business plans.

1. Clarity of purpose.

For a idea to please a goal, it need be specific. While it's entertainment to dream about being rich, it acquires courage and hard desires to choose correctly how much money you want and how you are going to accomplish it. It’s your decision. Be clear.


2. action.

Once your goal is clear, passionately engage to arresting it. There are no options.


3. Chat about it.

This is called "accountability." Once you've defined your plan and committed yourself to achieve it, begin talking about it! When someone asks you how you’re doing, say “Great!” or “Busy” I just began a new business”.  Talking about your ideas inspires them emotionally real and impressive. It allocates people to help you reach your goal and support you along the way.


4. Ghostwrite it down.

This is elementary, and one of the oldest, simplest and most effective approaches for achieving any goal. ghostwrite it down! clarify accurately what you want, how you will accomplish it, when you will have it and the benefits you will accumulate from capturing your goal. Write the information. Write the colors, the shapes and the dates.


5. duplicate it every day!

Every morning, use a little card or a corner of your appointment handbook to insert a short description of your intention where you will see it all day long. Don't carry the same card day after day! If your goal is worth anything, it's worth one minute of your time to write a simple sentence describing your dream and focusing on your priorities. Do this every morning.


6. Have a plan.

Create a map for getting there. And put dates on it! A goal to retire at age 40 has no meaning without a savings and investment strategy. A goal to build your SnackHealthy business is just a fantasy without a plan to attract potential customers and Brand Partners. The beauty of a plan is that it shows you a path to your goal.


7. Take action every day!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Any goal that is worthy of you is worth a few minutes of your time and some of your energy every single day. To write a novel, write a chapter this week. To create a more loving family, give someone a hug today. You’re the boss now… to build your company, tell 10 new people about your business every day.  Take action!  You can do this!


8. Use constant affirmations.

Here’s a story about a well known PGA golfer. From the moment his ball lands on the green until he sinks the putt, he repeats over and over "I will make this putt!" He repeats that phrase as many as 200 times before every putt! Do you think he would be more, or less, successful if he spent those moments thinking, "I just hope I don't miss it"? Tell yourself what you want to hear!


9. Review, and re-commit, often.

Never be afraid to review your goals, evaluate whether you are still 100% committed to them, and re-commit to achieving them. If your values or your choices have changed, change your goals accordingly, and be honest about it! And if your goal still fits, run to it with all your heart!


10. Celebrate each milestone!

Never wait to have a party! Every step toward your goal should be documented and celebrated! When you sell your first product, receive a bonus, enroll a new customer or Brand Partner – it’s time to celebrate!!!  If you get discouraged or have doubts, your record of past successes will quickly get you back on track. Not sure about this? Ask any marathon runner whether they count each mile on their run to the finish line! Celebrate each and every milepost on your path to victory!

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