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(SIC) Second Income Coach system

Dec 27th 2010 at 6:38 PM

Welcome to Second Income Coach (SIC). The ultimate Funded Proposal Funded Sponsoring Marketing System! This system was created to assist you with growing your business … whatever that may be. It doesn’t matter if you are a Network Marketer, MLM’er, Affiliate Marketer, Internet Marketer, or just plain working from home selling stuff. Second Income Coach will assist you to grow your online and offline marketing skills and turn you into a “Ten Thousandaire” if you so desire.

Do you deserve to be a “Ten Thousandaire”?
It will take hard work and dedication! Are you ready for the challenge?
Now you’re probably wondering what the SIC Funded Proposal Funded Sponsoring Marketing System is all about, right? Well, “Funded Proposal” or “Funded Sponsoring” is not a new term in the online industry, although it may be brand new to you.

A Funded Proposal is simply completing an initial sale to your prospect before you offer them your main product, service or opportunity. Normally this is done by selling a low cost information product, training product (SIC) or low cost introductory product or service.

Funded proposals work well because they allow your prospect to experience the sales process with you, prior to committing a lot of time or money. Usually the offer and sale happens relatively quickly and in the online world it is always done with an automated sales process.

Once your prospect purchases something of interest, usually information from you, they will begin to trust you as a marketer, mentor, sales person, or even vendor. They will decide if you have provided value for their money, and they will determine if you are someone that they want to do further business with.

This all takes place in the subconscious mind of your prospect or customer.

From the “sellers” prospective ( YOU ), you have been able to generate a small amount of income from the sale of the initial product which is intended to help cover the cost of advertising, building your list to generate the next sale. By re-investing the initial sales revenue, you can then “fund” future customer acquisitions getting you more new customers or potential prospects, without taking more money out of your own pocket

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Jan 19th 2011 at 7:58 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Harold: Interesting concept. Thanks for posting the info here for IM faceplate members to consider. GT :-)

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