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1 year ago

Should The RippLn Launch Have You Excited Or Not

Jul 27th 2013 at 12:27 AM

Finally it seems like RippLn is ready to launch. I've been getting emails from the company stating that people can Upgrade. I'm starting to see the "start My ripple" websites floating around, and one of the longest pre-launches continues, so it seems.

But should you be excited about this or not?

I know the big names endorsing it is the primary reason So man logical networkers have placed so much faith in this opportunity. However, it's also a prime example of how emotions often overtake logic in business.

If you really want to make money with apps, why not go with an opportunity that's already paying out, instead of one that says it's going to pay out, some day?

The reason is emotion.

The fact that really big names, and by big names, I mean people who are accomplished ... the fact that they are endorsing it means others KNOW it's going to be everything that's been promised. However I'll be honest, I've listened to the calls and for all we know, the founder may have paid these big names for their endorsement because that kind of thing does happen.

If rippLn never launches then it's not like the Big Names are at fault; they don't own the company. Sadly when they move on to hype something else, thousands will follow - and throw away thier money once again.

A much more logical decision is to sign up with a company that is aleady taking advantage of the growing app industry. Join a company that is affordable instead of one that's going to cause you to lose a lot of money. Go with a company that already has an app you can download, an app that is already delivering weekly content.

Join Inspired Living App - Because It's GOING to pay you; there is no wondering about it. There is no hype around it. It's a solid opportunity and you can get positioned today and start getting paid. (Check out iLA - The App to Make Money With - endorsed by TNG)

We have recently added iLA to our One MLM System too - which means we truly believe in this app opportunity, as a way to help average people create above average income.

You're taking a BIG risk with rippln, which is still only a concept.

Making a decision to join iLA and start promoting it, is a much wiser and logical decision.


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