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SFI Review

Feb 13th 2014 at 1:51 PM

This is my review of the SFI (Strong Future International Marketing Group) MLM program.  First I must inform you that I have been a affiliate of SFI for over 3 years and my review could be slanted.  Its URL was originally created in 2000 as "" and was changed to "" on July 21st, 2009.  It was registered by a Adam Koerner of Carson Services, Inc.  Its affiliate website ( currently shows over 250,000 hits annually, with their forum website ( showing over 18,000 annual hits.  SFI's online e-commerce site, TripleClicks (, also owned by Carson Services, Inc., is currently showing over 2,800,000 hits annually.

SFI Marketing Group was originally launched in 1998 by its founder and owner Gery Carson, who is also president and owner of Carson Services, Inc.  SFI, TripleClicks, and Carson Services, Inc. are all located in Lincoln, NE.  The SFI Marketing Group starting back in 1998 with just one product, sold only in the United States, and has now grown to more than 76,000 products and services (and growing daily) in over 190 countries around the world.  Both SFI and TripleClicks are BBB members and have a A+ rankings.

How Does SFI Work? Affiliates join for free, but must earn 1,500 Versa Points (VP) each month, to reach the Executive (EA) level and earn money.  Free affiliates can do this in their first month by following instructions and performing the introductory online training, etc. to earn Versa Points. TripleClick is the online e-commerce site for SFI that offers Daily Deals, a shopping portal, and penny auction under the “Price Benders” name.  Bids, called TCredits, for its penny auctions are sold for $1.89 for one, down to 29 cents a bid if bought in a pack of 200.  The shopping portal works a lot like eBay by selling new and used products listed by SFI affiliates, TripleClick customers, and Carson Services.  The Daily Deals are special daily discounted Carson Services products.  TripleClick accepts both credit cards and PayPal for purchase payments.

There are six different SFI affiliate levels as follows;
(1. Free Affiliate - 0 to 1,499 Versa Points per month.
(2. Executive Affiliate (EA) - 1,500 to 2,999 Versa Points per month.
(3. Bronze Team Leader (BTL) - 3,000 to 3,999 Versa Points per month.
(4. Silver Team Leader (STL) - 4,000 to 4,999 VersaPoints per month.
(5. Gold Team Leader (GTL) - 5,000 to 5,999 VersaPoints per month.
(6. Platinum Team Leader (PTL) - 6,000 or more VersaPoints per month.
Note- All team leaders (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) must also has a minimum 3-star sponsor rating from their Personal Sponsored Affiliates (PSA's).

SFI Versa Points (VP) can be earned in any of the following ways:
(1.) By preforming the SFI "To-Do List" items daily
(2.) Purchasing TripleClick products or services
(3.) Listing and selling your own products on the TripleClick store site
(4.) From TripleClick purchases by personally referred TripleClick customers
(5.) Recruiting new SFI Executive (EA) ranked affiliates.

A 45% Direct Commission (DC) is paid out monthly to Executive (EA) or higher rank affiliates, on any purchases from the TripleClicks shopping portal, made by either recruited SFI affiliates or TripleClick customers.  All TripleClicks items have a commissionable volume (CV) and earned versa point (VP) attached to them.  SFI also pays out a TripleClicks Executive pool commission made up of 40% of all monthly CV earned from company wide TripleClicks purchases to Executive (EA) or higher ranked affiliates. 

SFI also offers a Co-Sponsor Affiliate (CSA) Commission (CSC) where a minimum of two (2) CSA's are given to affiliates that have a rank of Executive (EA) or higher.  For every co-sponsored affiliate an SFI affiliate has, they earn 15% on the CV generated by any TripleClicks products purchased by these affiliates.

A rewards program for referral of merchants to the TripleClicks shopping portal called E-Commerce Associate (ECA) commissions.  If an SFI affiliate refers a merchant, the affiliate is able to earn 10% of the CV on every order made through TripleClicks from that merchant.

Additional Pay-Per-Action (PPA) commissions pay out a one time $11 per new SFI Executive (EA) affiliate recruited and $5 per new TripleClicks customer sign-up and a free monthly TCredit (penny auction bid) bonus for all Executive (EA) or higher ranked affiliates.  Plus a matching VP Bonus and Second Home Co-Sponsor Affiliate (CSA) commissions paid to all Bronze Team Leader (BTL) or higher ranked affiliates.

My Opinion.... First I like that it is a VERY STABLE program (been around for over 14 years), are BBB A+ rated, are located in the good old USA (Lincoln, NE), and are international in scope.  The fact that an affiliate can earn VP five (5) different ways is nice.  Plus SFI have always paid me on time, every time, since I have been an affiliate and I can count on one hand the number of MLM programs that I can say that about.

I like the fact that as members achieve higher affiliate rankings, the more work they have to do to keep that rank.  Yes it is true the higher your rank, the more you earned, but if you stop working your SFI business by failing to work to achieve your monthly affiliate rank, your commissions declined.  This forces affiliate sponsors to lead by example which is a good thing.  To many programs allow its affiliates to earn by just signing-up new affiliates and then forgetting about them, but not with SFI.

Another nice fact is that if a person is good at recruiting, they only need to recruit five (5) people or so, into SFI, that are willing to work to reach the EA affiliate level each month, to be able to earn a few hundred dollars per month from this program.

When it comes to the TripleClicks e-commerce site I like the fact that anyone can become a FREE member to use it, without having to be an SFI affiliate.  TripleClicks allows people to list their products for sale, very much like Ebay.  But unlike Ebay it is free to list items, with only a small percentage fee charged upon sale of the item, which makes it a lot cheaper than Ebay.  The TripleClicks seller will make money once the product is sold and the SFI affiliate, whose signed them up, will also earn VP.

The one thing I dislike the most is the poor quality control on the TripleClicks e-commerce site. There is no reliable feedback system, like Ebay has, to weed out bad sellers and buyers.  Several times I have purchased items, never received them, and never received an email from the seller as to why.  True you cannot lose you money at TripleClicks as they will not pay a seller until the item is shown as delivered, but it is very inconvenient not knowing, sometimes for weeks, if you are going to receive your purchases or not.

But with that said there are some very good products and some very good daily discounts.  I personally have a monthly standing order for the concentrated Herba Mandarin Mango Swirl Green Tea that both me and my wife just love.

In my opinion, I have found SFI as a very dependable and good MLM income program, BUT it is not for everybody, as it is NOT a "passive" income program and "will require a person to both recruit new SFI working affiliates and/or TripleClicks customers to be able to earn money". 

So if you are one of those "tire kickers" who jump to a different MLM program every month or are looking for a "get rich quick with no work" MLM program you should just stay away from this one.  But if you are looking for a stable, long term, legal MLM program that you do not mind building from the ground up, then you cannot find many better MLM programs than SFI.

Just My Opinion,
Philip Reitcheck

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