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Setting and Achieving Goals in Your Network Marketing Business — Why I Think Remaining Positive is So Important . . .

Jul 6th 2010 at 4:40 PM

Have you set goals for yourself?  Do you know where you are going with your business?   If you can visualize your goals and believe in them, things will be much clearer and easier to accomplish.   Belief is stronger than you think and can help you shift your mindset.

I hear others say all the time, “I can’t do that, I don’t know where to begin”, or “I just don’t think I’m cut out for this”. Why limit yourself?   We all have fear, but successful people choose NOT to believe in their fears, and instead take them on and overcome them.

If you can condition yourself to focus on the more positive actions in your business and stop dwelling on being overwhelmed, things will get done and you will be shocked at how efficient you can become!

Just remember that successful people, especially in this industry, work very hard, remain consistent, and earn their success.   It doesn’t happen overnight. Mentors and Coaches can only help guide the way, but the positive action must come from within you.  Step out of your comfort zone and act on your goals.   If you’re putting in minimal effort and are not consistent, your results will reflect this effort, and you will start to feel discouraged.

Don’t waste your time, but instead put together a very clear list of goals — act on them in steps, and monitor your progress.   You will want to list out your most important goals in order of priority, and the activities necessary to make them happen.   This will help you organize your thoughts. Remember these goals and activities should be the ones that will help you achieve the best results. Make sure you split your time and use a percentage of it for personal development/learning, and the remainder for action activities.   Remember that your list of goals and activities will grow as you move on, you will have daily activities that are required to maintain a level of success, in addition to those that you start from scratch and add to your task lists.

Being consistent doesn’t mean you have to devote time every day to your business.   Take some time and go over your available time schedule.   Devote a certain amount of hours per day or weekly to your business, and stick to the schedule.  Know how to value your time, and evaluate where you’re spending most of it.   Are you spending your energies where you can achieve these results?   Or are you spinning your wheels on activities that can be outsourced or aren’t necessary?  We tend to spend time on activities that are fun, but not necessarily beneficial to achieving our goals.  Be sure to focus on your strengths!   Put your energy into your passions — research them, learn them, practice them, and THEN share them.  Overcome the tasks that you dread and master them.

Be realistic when setting your goals — and remember that it is a combination of all the small steps together that create momentum.  Learn from your mistakes, and reward yourself for correcting them or for completing tasks!

Pay attention to those that are successful around you — keep company with those that are positive in nature — their positive outlook will rub off on you, and you will begin to believe in your own success.

There are always going to be difficulties and challenges — embrace them and learn from them — understand what has caused them and move on. Whatever you do, do NOT play the “blame game” and blame someone or something for your failures. It’s nearly impossible to create success in life if you constantly blame others or other situations — take responsibility and learn from your failures –NOBODY is perfect!

Remember that every successful entrepreneur was once a beginner.  How committed are you?   Can you face difficulties and challenges by learning new things from them?   Take action and remain consistent in your dedicated activities/actions for your business.  Don’t resist, but instead accept that you will never stop learning and embrace the thought.  You will always be able to gain inspiration from ideas of others.   Remember to be yourself, and look for the positive inside of you!

To your success!


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