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May 19th 2015 at 7:37 PM
a sense of confidence from which the emotive and outgoingLeo energy operates. Often very artistic nike air max 90 hyperfuse for sale , and alwaystheatrical and expressive, this sign is good for creativityand the arts. Your child may seek creative means to expressherself through the affairs of the house with Leo on thecusp.Your child is driven to excel in any form of physicaland creative expression--sports, theatrics, arts andcrafts, whatever. This urge to express himself, to speakout and be heard, propels her. She may be impatient withroutine. This position is common in the charts of athletesand outdoorsman. Competitive or strenuous sports,gymnastics, ballet, hiking and/or camping are apt to appearon your child's list of favorite activities. Mars in the5th house is also common in the charts of dramatists andartists nike air max 90 suomi , especially sculptors or those who work with tools.An excellent position for teachers, your child knows how toget others to sit up and listen! If Mars is afflicted,friends may see her forceful personality as bossy orarrogant, even though she himself may be unaware of theimpact she makes.The child with the planet of restrictions (Saturn) inthe house of self-expression (5th) is likely to be loyaland true but may feel blocked in expressing her feelings.She may in fact be shy, especially is the Sun or Moon arein Virgo or in water signs. There may be stumbling blocksto expressing creativity. On the other hand, this positioncan lead to success in the arts by blending creativity (5thhouse) and production (Saturn), inspiration and form. ThisSaturn placement is considered favorable for architects ifwell aspected to Venus; Saturn here also favors teachingand school administrative positions; stockbrokers andfinancial consultants, and entertainers. Harshness fromparents could result in blocks later on in expressing love.Individuals born with Pluto in the house of romance,creativity and children (5th) experience spiritualregeneration through the giving and receiving of love.Profound changes and inner growth occur during periods ofintense creativity, romantic involvement nike air max thea musta , or working withchildren. During childhood, the creative intensity of thisplacement is best channeled; perhaps through thedevelopment of artistic skills, through sports and games,or school plays. Your child may take games very seriously,always measuring what the outcome will be. She may havetrouble seeing "it's just a game." Gamblers andstockbrokers often have Pluto in the house of fun! Thischild needs opportunities to express herself as well asplenty of affection and respect. She needs to learn to besincere and kind to others, as this placement sometimesbrings power plays into relationships in adult life. IfPluto is afflicted, the child may need help overcomingblocks to self-expression or may feel (justifiably or not)unloved.Sixth House: Responsibility, Work, Health, HabitsThe key phrase of the 6th house is "I work." That whichwas conceived in the 5th house is applied and produced inthe 6th! In an adult chart nike roshe run floral print for sale , this house indicatesemployment, attitude toward work, and relationship withemployees and/or co-workers. In the child's chart, we studythe 6th house to understand her daily habits. How shehandles her c[censored] s, how she approaches her school work. Isher handwriting sloppy or neat? Is she happy to help otherswhen asked or does she complain? The 6th house rules dressand appearance. This house also tells us about eatinghabits, diet and basic health. Obviously, eating habits anddiet will affect health for better or for worse, as thecase may be. A water sign on the cusp, or the Moon orNeptune in the 6th indicates that emotions will affecthealth and vice-versa. The sign on the cusp and planets inthe 6th house can show you health areas that may requireyour attention.Virgo energy is analytical and precise, alwaysseparating what is worthwhile and worth supporting fromthat which is outmoded and of no further use. The affairsof the house with Virgo on the cusp reveal the area of lifein which the child seeks to serve nike roshe run print trainers , and/or where she maytake a systematic and detailed approach.Your child may be quite imaginative when it comes toher health, the food she eats, and how she takes care ofherself. Quick to get the picture, your child may findherself helping others see the benefits that proper care(mental, physical, and such) can bring. Children withNeptune in the 6th house typically enjoy caring for plantsand pets. Your child may enjoy learning about herbs and themysteries of nature. Correcting diet could be the means toremedy emotional problems related to food allergies. Therecould be a sensitivity to food or medications. With thisposition, a balanced diet is essential. Your child seeks toserve. Give her child-sized tools to accomplish "real jobs"at an early age. She needs a strong sense of self-esteem,lest she allow others to take advantage of her desire tohelp. The child with this Neptune placement is often quitecompassionate toward others, but tends to be her own worsecritic! Apparent lack of initiative may actually mask afear of failure. Never tire in pointing out to your childher strengths!Seventh House: Relationships with OthersThe 7th house is the house of partnerships,relationships nike roshe run hyperfuse suomi , social life, and all that carries us beyondour personal self into an awareness of other people,community, and the like. Children with planets in thishouse seek to understand themselves through others. Theyare rarely alo
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