SEO factors to achieve number one search engineranking !!!!!

Jul 29th 2015 at 5:07 AM

With some thorough research you will find that getting your website to the first page of a search engine is not quite as difficult as it may seem. However, getting to the top ranking position of the first page on the search engine is a whole different ball game. It is certainly a steeper hill to climb, but it is also certainly doable with some consistency and proper techniques. If you have a new website that you are trying to get into the number one position, your task may be even more difficult because you need to convince the search engine algorithm that you are an authority who should be taken seriously as a reputable source for whatever search queriesare being made, to the search engine. Therefore, you first of all need to know what special factors search enginealgorithms take into consideration when determining how to rank a web page as a source of content for search engine results. This is mostly a trial and error task because search engines do not explicitly give away information that will get everyone the number one spot quite that easily. However, they do leave some clues that give website owners and professionals clues that can give them the general direction of what may be important. Below are some of the factors that experienced SEO optimisers feel are important.

First of all, if you want to rank number one geographically versus globally, the efforts that you take will be quite different, but the factors that you need to consider will be quite the same. For example,if you want to optimise SEO for New South Wales, the keywords that you target in the content of your pages will be more specific than if you are optimising your SEO for the rest of the world. In any case, the following factors will be useful to consider. First of all, the age of your website is an important factor. In essence, if your website has been around for a longer time, the more trustworthy it looks to the search engine. Apart from the age of your website, the quality of backlinks that you have on your website will also be a positive consideration. With that said, you should focus more on building trust for backlinks to your website and not just adding a large number of links randomly to your website. Quality is definitely more important than quantity in this particular case.

You also need to consider ranking for several other keywords in order to become an authority that will land you at the top rank in a search engine. A good strategy to employ is to try and rank highly for both keywords in your local area by doing SEO in NSW for example, as well as ranking highly for keywords globally as well. Other important factors include having a balance between relevance and popularity as well as not doing any black-hat SEO that could get you banned and make it more difficult for you to ever rank highly on the search engine.

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