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Selling on ebay - one of the best ways to make money online.

May 14th 2011 at 2:05 PM


Selling on ebay - one of the best ways to make money online.

How to make money selling on eBay - is not a secret that the internet auction site eBay can be not only beneficial to buy anything (including for resale), but also make the reverse, acting as a seller.

The basic idea of ​​eBay - the provision of web-based sellers to sell absolutely any goods. The company itself is eBay only acts as a mediator in an agreement of sale between the sellers and buyers. Buy and its subsequent transfer occurs without the participation of eBay. Vendors pay a fee for use of the platform, usually consisting of a collection of exposed lot and the percentage of the selling price. EBay buyers to use free of charge. Since profits depend directly on the eBay sales, performed with the use of this platform, it is clearly and fairly liberal conditions. Here are allowed to sell not just any products but also services, if only they had not been blacklisted on eBay and did not violate laws of the State in which registered a specific branch ebey.

"What can you sell on eBay?», - The first question you will have, when deciding to do this type of e-commerce. Thus, products that can realistically be sold on eBay from the FSU countries can be divided into 3 groups:

- Collectors' items;

- Objects of art;

- Articles of mass consumption.

I ask all will find products for the first category, so many prefer it. After all, you can sell those things that you are worth nothing. Spend your spring cleaning, check the contents of closets, attics and shelves. It is not excluded that there may be found, something very valuable. In general, look for old or unnecessary over things that are in stock or can get them for free. Most successful sellers on eBay starts from that.

Next. You can adopt a proven method of "garage sale on the contrary." Need to do to place an ad in a local newspaper about with such content, "Take the commission all ...."Thus, you can put a dozen or more lots at a time. Another advantage of working through the ad is that you will gain invaluable experience. With the passage of time will "auction flair" and you will be able to predict in advance what things can be implemented to great advantage, and which generally are not worth the time and money. Where can I find consumer goods? In the U.S., there are specialized sites which are very cheap goods for sale in batches. The cheapness of these items are generally related to the fact that this property or liquidating firms, fired from a hammer, or a trade surplus (the practice, when the shopping malls of the United States enters a new product, "dumped" on the cheap last remnants of the party, to release the shelves ). Or a return buyer of goods (for example, has not approached the color). These sites may also sell used, new or refurbished (repaired after a minor problem), electronic devices, which are urgently needed to sell their respective owners.

As the experience of virtually all western eBay-sellers, the most expensive items are sold, the starting price of which is the lowest. If you got the goods for free, always set your price for him no more than $ 1 or even $ 0.01. Such a low starting price instantly attracts consumers' attention.

Tip Two. If you do not got the goods for free, put on his price equal to the purchase, and if this item is not strong demand, do not sell it at all.

The main principle of the sale on ebay - this concept highlights the work and performance of the first sale, then to practice to pass the entire process of sending goods to the buyer to get their money. Join and earn money: http://ebaytoday.ru/?puebtdid=175723

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