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Mar 1st 2011 at 7:19 AM


It's like having a hidden camera looking at anyone's computer you choose.Desktop Snooper records everything they do and all the evidence is all captured right from their computer monitor. Then it's stored in a secret location on that pc that only you will know about. Once the recording is done, the pictures, and movie footage will be there for you to view at anytime.

Desktop Snooper is like a hidden camera watching any computer you want!   Read testimonial:

Dear Mr. Snoops Unlimited ,

I am delighted to be able to tell you of the success I've had using your software. I've sold many different products and services over the internet and I've tried to advertise using everything from classified ads to search engines. But those other companies charged me and I wanted to make money, not spend it! Your system is the only thing that has kept me in business on the internet. In fact, my husband was figuring out what I have earned so far this year, and he said I've earned more than he has this year. And that boggles his mind considering he is a Yardmaster at a Class 1 Railroad Corporation. The leads are still rolling in.

I feel entirely obligated to write this letter to you folks and let you know what an strong impact your company has made on my life. When I first found out you were giving away the royalty rights to your software, I was delivering pizzas at that time. I made $8.35 an hour and lived in a small one bedroom apartment in a not so great neighborhood. During those times each day of my life truly felt like a struggle and my stress levels were getting out of control. I know people say that money cant't buy everything, but trust me when I tell you that money has bought me relaxation and stability. I now make up to $8,900.00 per month. Thank you.

You guys have forever changed my life. I first stumbled upon your website over 3 years ago. Your website said you would give me a software company and that I'd be able to quit my day job. Well I must be honest and tell you that to me this fell under the category of sounding far to good to true. So I asked my dad to take a look at it to see what his opinion was. I had been burned before by many offers that weren't as good as they claimed to be. But I knew if I didn't try different offers I would never find one that I could truly retire on at a fairly young age. I always knew the people that take chances in life are the ones who make money so I can definitely say that I was ready to take a chance back in 1999. The reason I'm writing this letter is for 2 reasons: 1. I believe that when you make a lot of money at something, it's good to give something back. So I figure that by writing you guys this email, maybe you can post it on your website to show others that your system really does work and to let them know that I've grossed over $947,000.00 since I found your website and followed your advice. It has not all been roses though either. The U.S. economy has taken a dive and this hurt my company for a while, but even with a bad economy, my income is boucing back and good again! This money has been a great blessing in my life. I have been able to afford to live in a house in a gated community that I once thought only movie stars could afford. During this time I also felt comfortable enough financially to start a family and purchase my first brand new luxury vehicle. I will never be able to thank you enough for giving me a chance to have my own successful software company.

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