Secrets Of Wealth Creation

Jul 15th 2010 at 8:46 PM

Have you ever wondered how some people have become rich and wealthy while most people seem to barely scrape a living? What do the rich and wealthy do that most don’t?

Whatever they are doing it appears to work for them. Copy what they do and you could have a good chance of achieving the same results.

Millionaires have made money because they made the choice to be rich and they took action. They devised themselves a plan and put the footwork in. Most people will look for something complicated and spend their entire life going around in circles and taking very little action and give up too easily.

If you wanted to go somewhere that you had never been before then you would need a map, directions and preferably a guide.

You need to find someone who is already where you want to go and knows the way and follow the same map as them.

Get a mentor – a guide. A joint venture in all but name, team up with somebody who has already been where you want to go and that you feel comfortable working with.

In this age there are many people on the internet who have programs that you may feel are for you.

Look at successful people. Find someone that you connect with and look at what are they doing that you feel inspired about. That is what you have to do, find a system that you feel comfortable with and which works for you

Once you get to a certain level you may be able to branch out and do you own thing but until you have reached that stage just follow the plan and do as you are told, otherwise you will get distracted.

If you wanted to learn a sport you would get yourself a good coach wouldn’t you?

But for some reason when it comes to making money some people seem reluctant and feel it is a blow to their pride and self esteem.

Here is what you need to do for starters:

1      Get a positive attitude. Your mental attitude or mindset needs to be right. Be positive and enthusiastic. You have to have a get up and go attitude.Your best thinking got you where you are now. If you don’t change your thinking and take action, the chances are you will still be where you are now in 10 years time.
It is easy to come home from work tired and despondent that this is the best you will achieve in life, or maybe someday I will get a rise in salary.

You must have hope. If you give up hope then, quite frankly – you’re stuffed.
Make your mind up that your life is going to change for the better, now.

2      A plan of action. What are you going to do? Sorry to put you on the spot but you will never make the effort until you put your brain in gear, start thinking, and write down a plan of action.
Write it down what you want. Many personal development experts get people to write down their ambitions in life, this gets them thinking and gives them something to focus on.

3      Get started now. If you put off until tomorrow what you can do today, have you noticed that tomorrow never comes? Tomorrow always comes tomorrow and never today. Put the action in and that means you have to start now, this mean you not someone else.

When you learn the secrets of wealth creation that the rich have used for hundreds of years you can attract and manifest what you want in life, people, relationships, money, riches. You choose what you want to manifest.

The techniques that the rich have used are very simple.

They have a positive mindset, they find a system and get on with it. If it doesn’t work they find out why, learn from their mistakes and start all over again with another one.

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