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Secret's In the Sauce!

Aug 7th 2010 at 7:42 AM

In the wonderfully entertaining film, "Fried Green Tomatoes," one of the characters speaks the memorable line, "The secret's in the sauce..." Author, Fannie Flagg is a true wordsmith, and ensured that single line would carry significant weight in the memories of her readers.

There is an equally important message in here writing skills for those of us involved in online entrepreneurial marketing as well.

When I travel around the world, giving three-day "success seminars" to help folks succeed in Network Marketing -- regardless of their present program(s) -- one of the first things I am asked is what "tools" I use to build my business. Folks want to know "where the money's being spent", as if that were the magic formula.

"Well..." I tell them, "The secret's in the sauce..."

Right now, I could share with you a fantastic free tool that I have used since its release, which could enable you to put your ad in front of 10,000 to 20,000 network marketers in the next few hours. But if you didn't know how to properly craft an "internetworking communication"... if you just tried to send out the ads your upline tells you to spam the Internet with... you won't get nearly as many results as I get.

You see, the only way anyone can achieve long-term success in our industry is to truly care about and discover what it is that others want and need.

I know some readers will think I am "holding out" on them, but a little due diligence will show that every personally enrolled individual in my group spent some time by email and (if they were comfortable with it) by phone, identifying their needs and goals, and developing a strategy that suits that particular situation.

I'll freely share with every one of you that the two "key" tools we use, after we begin chatting, when I get an idea of what you're doing and how we may be able to help. I'm not holding anything back... but the real "key" to their success depends on creating a customised approach, based on their program, their goals, their needs, etc. -- and I cannot offer that in a "one size fits all" approach, in an article.

No one can.

Oh, sure, there will be some strategies and tactics that can be applied across the board. And all serious leaders will share those with folks. The trick is learning how to decifer which ones are legitimate and productive strategies, and which ones are rehashed, 1980s MLM hype.

If someone's "secret" involves convincing you to approach all the people "you know", or encourages you to "make a list," "use the three-foot rule", or pass out samples, videos, DVDs, or anything else of the sort... they don't really know what they're doing! Those approaches certainly worked in the primitive days of MLM (1954 to 1989), and chances are those present day leaders were told by their mentors (as was I) sometime in the 80's to do those things... but they are not strategies for the 21st century marketplace.

"But those folks are making $50K/month or more..." some will respond.

Yes, they are. And if you'll do a little due diligence, you'll discover that when they joined their present company, they "moved" an entire downline organisation from their last deal, in one felled-swoop. And most of them find one or two new folks, whom they place "into" the top portion of that new company's downline, so that they can have a seemingly fresh and exciting story to tell.

Smoke and mirrors.

Don't let that discourage you though. In a day and age when there are so many Web 2.0 and emerging 3.0 systems in place, there are a growing number of serious entrepreneurs out there, who are learning that Zig Ziglar was right, when he admonished entrepreneurs to "help enough people get what they want, and you'll always get what you want."

When I share incredible tools, like the BetterNetworker community, or tools, such as Viral Networks, free advertising resources, or the downline building tools I spoke of earlier, I always make sure those individuals know that I'm sincerely interested in helping them put those tools to their bet use.

We usually set up a time when I can meet them in my virtual conference room or on a chat client, and spend 15-20 minutes identifying the best way to use those tools.

Many people promote eBooks that are supposed to help them build their businesses. That can be a useful strategy as well, if it is properly used, and if the eBook has any real value. People are not stupid. If you're giving away an eBook, whose only value is for YOU, don't expect too many results...

But if you're offering an eBook that genuinely helps folks succeed, you can expect two things to happen:

1.) Those folks will see better results in whatever company they are promoting, and will be grateful for your having helped them; and
2.) You will have forged a relationship that increases your likelihood of having that person work with you in the future, by 97%!

That is why I don't just blanket the net with the link to the eBook I have personally found to be the most useful and productive in my business. I guard that URL like it was made of GOLD! And I give it to those who ASK for it only, because I know that "leaders are readers".

Success, for most people, is easily within reach. It takes a little focused intensity, hard work, and consistent daily effort... but it's attainable. And if you're honestly focused on helping others, I can guarantee you, more importantly... it's duplicable!

And duplication, as we all know, is the key to wealth!

Expect success! Make helping others your focus, and your own success will unfold organically!

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