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Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Oct 20th 2010 at 12:33 AM

This article will teach you some concrete search engine optimization strategies to improve the Google rating of your website, or any other site for that matter.

Search engine optimization, (or SEO for short), is about giving Google what they are looking for. Google has many different algorithms designed to find relevant, quality content, and you need to understand these algorithms, and use good SEO strategies, to get on the first page of a Google search.

Title Choice

Title choice is probably the most important algorithm of all of the Google algorithms, because it is the first thing that Google looks at when somebody does a Google search.

You need to choose a title that is exactly what many people would type into a Google search, but you also don't want to choose a title that has too much competition from SEO experts, or you may have a lot of trouble just getting on the first page of a local Google search.

For example, if I had called this article SEO, or search engine optimization, there is no way it would ever be found in a Google search, unless someone typed in search engine optimization, and then pressed the "I feel lucky" button.

Keyword Content

The second most important of the many search engine optimization strategies is keyword content. You must have your main tagged keywords as about 2-5% of the text, or as close to it without sounding forced.

You can use a keyword tool to help you find complimentary keywords which also let Google know that your article is very relevant to the given search.

It is a good SEO strategy to use bold or large subheadings including your main, or complimentary keywords.

Google even looks at the links from the page and the relevance of the link text, and sites that the links lead to.

Other important on-page search engine optimization strategies are posting good photos, videos, audio, and making sure that the page has a quick loading time.


Backlinks are a very important search engine optimization strategy, and after the on-page content, backlinks are the most important.

Google likes to see a gradual increase in the amount of backlinks leading to a site, because this lets it know that the site is the main site, and most important out of the sites that may have the same title and similar keyword content.

Some backlinks give more link weight than others, which means that they boost the Google rating more.

Backlinks from social bookmarking sites are ok, if those sites have a good page rank, but these are low quality backlinks compared to some other types.

You could try to get backlinks from big related websites, but the best easy way I have found to make quality backlinks, which give good link weight, is articles.

A backlink from relevant link text in a relevant article not only provides link weight, but can also produce targeted traffic.

My favorite paid article writing sites are Bukisa, Triond, Squidoo and HubPages. You may also like Xomba, Associated Content, Helium, Ehow, Factoidz etc.

The list is a long one, but not all of them pay international contributors (outside the US). The first four sites I mentioned pay to every country in the world.

Backlinks are the most important off-page search engine optimization strategy, and the best quality, relevant backlinks you can make are from articles.


Website owners seem to think that a traffic exchange will boost the Google rating of their website a lot, but really, traffic is one of the least important search engine optimization strategies.

Google wants to make it fair for new websites to have a chance to compete, and if traffic was a really important algorithm, then nobody could ever get a new site to the first page of a worldwide Google search.

By the way, most article writing sites will kick you out if you use a traffic exchange on your articles, so don't do that unless you know you can.

I hope I have taught you some good search engine optimization strategies in this article, some other Google algorithms you should know is that Google favors local content over foreign, and older content over new, but all of these algorithms are relative to each other.

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