Sea Life Your Betta Fish Can Live With

Mar 8th 2020 at 10:23 PM

African-american Dwarf Frogs - These little frogs are definitely one of the finest matches for the betta fish. Make certain you do not combine up that with the African Clawed Frogs, which might kill your betta! If the leading feet are webbed, you'll be OK - if the webbing isn't there, you have used a Clawed Frog. African Dwarf Frogs enjoy hot, smooth water much like betta fish, and usually your betta won't be combatitive to them.


These frogs do not make a massive amount waste product, but are extremely liable to bacterial ailments therefore it's important to keep your reservoir clean and the water situation high. Corydoras Catfish and Otoclinus Catfish - Both of these forms of catfish are exceptional fish that could cohabitate with a betta fish. Oto's are a tad bit more second, but they are equally tiny fish that maybe not develop lots of waste.


They are quite quick and do not need flashy machines, so may reduce threat from any betta offensive. These catfish tend to enjoy to be in groups of at the very least 4-6, so you will need a larger reservoir to place them in and make them healthy (and the water clean). Additionally they love a tank with several plants. Catfish are terribly easily damaged by poor water conditions, therefore be sure to keep carefully the heat in your tank fixed if catfish are there.


Bright Cloud Mountain Minnows - The White Cloud Hill Minnow is a good, stable fish that generally gets along famously with your betta. These fish tend to be exceedingly comfortable - the peaceful Monk of fish:) and will not hurt fins or bother your betta fish. They're also fairly quick and can certainly swim from a betta fish's aggression.


They are not costly and pretty solid fish, nevertheless they do like colder water so keep the tank's temperature on the colder area of your betta's regular range. It's healthiest to utilize a greater tank (approximately 10+ gallons) because this species are very effective and might cause the betta to experience defensive of his terrain if the container is not large enough.


Bristlenose Plecosomus - Pleco's are a very good fish to stay a reservoir with a betta, but be specific to just purchase a Bristlenose Pecosomus of around the same size as your betta fish. Similar looking Plecos can develop to be too large - the Bristlenose stays little and is a great match. Jason Andrews is a Betta Fish lover who has gathered and bred Bettas for around 20 years.

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