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Scribd Traffic Roadmap

Jun 4th 2011 at 9:05 AM

What Do You Want to Be? An Internet Celebrity… or Hanger On? Think that’s over-dramatizing the importance of social web presence for you or your business? Well, think again. Even Google has woken up to the fact that small tips dropped on Facebook and Twitter can cause more buzz than any other method combined. Their world-dominating search algorithms are taking a back seat to Twitter, Digg, chat, MySpace and Facebook recommendations… …and Scribd. That’s why they frantically created Google Buzz – which bombed cataclysmically, because of an issue that saw it automatically share, without permission, staggeringly personal consumer information.

They’re hastily revamping it, even as we speak, in a frantic effort to catch up … and understand social networking. (If this was a teen movie, it would be kind of like the nerdy science club boys trying to analyze why the popular crowd is cool… and getting it horribly wrong.) But forget Google Buzz, for now… What if you could harness this sort of social networking power to draw attention to your digital products, Power Point presentations and documents? What if you could sell your digital products on a social platform… or give them away for free, as part of a bigger strategy? What if you could do without having to learn new ways to process your documents – in fact, by using your favorite methods of document creation (both graphic and text-handling).

 What if you could siphon more targeted traffic than you’ve ever done before? “But How Can I Do it With Scribd – A Platform I’ve Barely Heard About?” And why is Scribd better than Google Buzz, with all the power of Google and internet domination behind it? Let’s put it this way. Google was so sure everything Google did was the ultimate authority, it almost missed its own boat! Scribd, on the other hand, was pushing out to sea, on the right course, way ahead of the race. Started in March 2007, Scribd combined focused business savvy (resulting in millions of dollars in seed money and investor funding) with a thorough understanding of social networking – and a mission….

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