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Jan 18th 2011 at 8:32 AM

We may bring a lot of it on ourselves as we scamper (did you know that the word "scam" is derived from "scamp" which was a carnival swindler or cheater) around "barking" out our offers (of course, a "barker" was a person that solicited customers by calling out to passersby at a carnival).

If used too freely the word "scam" actually hurts the indicter more than it helps.  While I didn't spend too much time and effort converting scam into an acronym (feel free to improve on my effort), you will get the point by thinking of s.c.a.m. as:

Skittish -  easily scared, timid

Consumers - could be a customer, member or affiliate as well


Marginalized - to relegate to the fringe or margins, or to a lower limit

Is there such a thing as a healthy level of skepticism?  I suspect so.  But when people dismiss things without taking the time to get the facts they just might miss out on some really great things!

We have become desensitized in part because we have been overwhelmed.  I actually remind myself to be open minded and to hear someone out before drawing my conclusion(s).  If you tend to define luck as I do as the intersection of preparedness and opportunity, then good luck is eliminated by assuming that you already know what something is about, even though you have only skimmed the surface.

We are too busy to pay attention!

Then we complain that it is too late, the opportunity has slipped by us ... if only we could have gotten in at the beginning!

What I have outlined above may not apply to you at all.  And if that is the case, I congratulate you on your success ... I am relatively sure that those who truly remain open minded ARE the ones that see opportunities first and benefit from them the most.

Here is a personal example.  There is a program that came out a year or so ago that was designed to be a low cost provider of grocery items ordered online and shipped direct to the customer's home.  It has some good aspects, but may not have quite the right formulation to be received as a better option than what people are already doing.  Never the less, this concept of home delivery of grocery items is a rapidly growing market that has already exceeded the billion dollar per year threshold and is projected to reach 85 billion in this decade!  Just do a search for home grocery delivery and see what is currently available and then project out for yourself where things are headed!  Well, even though that earlier program offering a networking approach to the home delivery of groceries had some limitations that It DID get my attention and I even though I did not join, I became well enough acquainted with it to appreciate some good aspects.  The good news is that I was open minded enough to explore the possibilities.  The danger with familiarity is in thinking that you already know what is being offered ... even if you are mistaken!

When a new program came out a few months back I mistakenly took the information I ran across to be referring to the earlier program I had already known about and had determined to not pursue (that earlier program IS still around and viable, it just is not structured in such a way as to be the type of vehicle I look for in achieving my personal goals).  BIG mistake on my part!  By the time a friend of mine came to me and shared this new program with me (I almost told him I was not interested thinking it was the other company!) there had been about three months of time elapse during which time many have been building great teams and earning impressive incomes.  I saw the "error of my ways" and quickly joined in with my friend with the MPB Today program.

While I can certainly wish that I had been slightly more open minded so as to have picked up on MPB Today a little earlier than I did, I am very enthusiastic about being on board in the company's formative stages.  Yes, a few folks that might have joined in as part of my personal team have already seen what I missing ... that is okay, they are building good teams too and together we are all strengthening the company as it rapidly expands.

So, what do YOU take away from this article?

Have you ever wished you had bought stock in a company when you first could have only to look back to see that there was a missed opportunity?  What could have made the difference?  IF there had been a "barker" to at least get your attention could you have come to a different outcome?

How do you juggle between valuable things that compete for your time?

I have a good online friend that has developed almost complete tunnel vision as the result of some success his is having with one of the internet's current hot programs ... that is good and I wish him continued success ... of course, he is still having to pay for groceries out of his own pocket on a regular basis.  Just a little bit of juggling on his part could allow him to eliminate that big chunk of his household budget that is currently devoted to necessary food items ... groceries!

Just as an aside, I looked up the word, "grocery".  It is defined as retail foodstuffs and other household supplies.  It is partially derived from the French word for "wholesale" or "gross" as referring to larger quantities.

So when you consider the MPB Today structure that allows you to benefit from the team purchasing power to leverage volume keep in mind that you are moving toward and then past the "wholesale" pricing model.  The only thing I can envision that is better than paying true wholesale prices on the exact quantities for things I specifically choose is to actually get paid too!

Are you skeptical that this sounds, "too good to be true" or maybe you can relate to a person that I talked with the other day that said "I just don't see how this works, so I am not interested!".  What he was really saying to me is that I did not have enough influence with him to cause him to spend the time with me to give the proper consideration to the program.  That is a missed opportunity for the both of us!  But ultimately a much bigger loss for that gentleman in that I will still benefit from the MPB Today opportunity; I just will not have him as part of our team to work with.

Given that you may not know me very well AND you may not be well acquainted with MPB Today either, I challenge you to overcome the temptation to simply dismiss it as something that you don't have time to find out about.  Yes, we are busy.  Just try not to be soooo busy that you miss out on this program, as it could be a BIG part of the solution to reaching your personal goals ... those things you are so busy trying to achieve!

When a better program/product comes along it will make its mark in the market place.  It may take a while for the larger community to accept it, but visionary folks will carry it along until it catches hold.  Just look at the story of folks like Steve Jobs and Apple for a wonderful example.  Or look at the evolution of transportation from beast of burden to mechanical horses!  Does anyone really want to rely on teams of horses as the mainstay for transporting large quantities of goods?  After all, the "early adopters" had to do a little convincing to get the general public to trade in the horse and buggy for those Model A Fords in 1903, but by 1908 the Ford Model T could not be produced fast enough to keep up with demand!

Things tend to move even faster these days, so consider yourself fortunate to still be among the early group to be able to be in position to benefit from a major emerging market trend!  View the Tim Sales video on positioning yourself in front of large market trends!

Let every time you are paying for groceries (and gasoline too for that matter) be a reminder to you that you actually know about a program that is allowing many to totally eliminate the costs of these items from their household budgets!  Why not you?

Come join the MPB Today team!

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