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SCAM or opportunity - my take on it!

Oct 8th 2010 at 2:45 AM

Why should a failed internet venture be called a SCAM?

In a discussion I voiced this opinion:

A "SCAM" is like all opportunities that are presented to us to get us to our end goal,

some "earn money quick" business opportunites are created by business people who are lazy to do the real hard graft and take shortcuts, they collect the cash and bolt

then there are the business people who have not thought their business plans through and they fail - we may have been lucky to be part of them whilst not having any legal obligations or commitment and

then there are those business opportunites which work take off slowly and get tweaked and thankfully we get to be part of them, with the least amount of investment and legal commitment with the opportunity of an above avergage income.

What do you want to do - spend you life shouting SCAM or actually move forward knowing that every business does hold or contain risk.

Afterall the internet is about numbers, it is the law of life/universe - monitor your stats, they help you find the most economical way to the end goal or the NEXT BEST business venture since the internet.

Rob Lawson earningagain

Daily I make many small decision to move forward.

Vital Viral Pro and TEToolbox both are free to register and both offer you the opportunity to build and monitor your business from grass roots - ARE THEY SCAMS or are they the NEXT Great business opportunity? You DECIDE - I know my answer and that is why I REGISTERED.


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Oct 8th 2010 at 6:16 PM by stevesam
I think we all gain and learn from our mistakes. We fall down; then get back up. Rome was not conquered overnight. The internet changes all the time,and so should we change. Stevesam
Oct 8th 2010 at 3:57 PM by DaveGilbert
Oct 8th 2010 at 7:59 AM by roblawson
David, thankyou for your comprehensive and indepth review - much appreciated
Oct 8th 2010 at 5:13 AM by DaveGilbert
[quote]"A "SCAM" is like all opportunities that are presented to us to get us to our end goal,"[/endquote] you have strange ideas about what a scam is but to help clarify .. A scam is where the proprietors of an opportunity deliberately set out to defraud those joining their system, it is not opportunities that fail to perform as there are many reasons for under performing including member apathy or laziness. most Scams take the form of ponzi schemes or cashcylers one of the indicators something may be a scam is if it has a complex payment system that requires a degree in applied mathematics to even understand, regardless of the system on offer one should pay close attention to the TOS and read it thoroughly it can reveal some disturbing elements to the company you are about to deal with. look for tax reporting, legitimate companies will have a requirement needing to be met regarding this ie registered USA based companies must acquire a W9 form and are required to also track 1099 data there are similar forms and trackers required in other countries too, if this data is not collected by a company then it can be assumed the company is operating irresponsibly and may suffer serious financial hardship in the future. You speak about risk and that every business has risk attached, well thats not quite true there is only risk if you have to invest money to begin making money otherwise known as speculating, you hope that you can earn enough to cover your fees and make a profit. However there are business opportunities that involve no risk, no investment or speculation but can return a good secondary income for the members, i am not talking pay it forward or cash gifting as these are both part of the ponzi scheme set, any legitimate business has to have a tangible product something you sell or use. Not all opportunities that are offered to us are scams as your opening statement suggests and i would ask you to refrain from lumping all opportunities into the same basket with such statements as they make it very difficult for legitimate operators to offer their business opportunities , statements such as this tend to scare people away from joining any opportunity. yes scams exist and all that glitters is not gold but highlight what makes a scam instead of hinting all programs are scams in one form or another.

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