Save Time and Energy with This Garage Opener App

Dec 23rd 2015 at 11:36 PM

Opening garage doors with a traditional remote can sometimes prove to be very ineffective because it has a high likelihood of being misplaced by either you or your other family members. You therefore have to waste a lot of time looking for it and in most cases you may end up getting late to work, school and missing important appointments. Sometimes the remote can get lost without trace necessitating you to buy another one hence wasting time and money for no reason. The introduction of the garage opener app called open sesame garage door has changed that scenario. This smart phone app is made of a combination of a tiny Bluetooth box and a smart phone application that is made to open garage door with phone using the Bluetooth box. Since most people are hardly away from their Smartphone, there is a very little chance of misplacing it and therefore they can close and open their garage doors with a lot of ease.

To use this garage opener app, you must first download it from the internet. It can be downloaded for free from Google play or the App store. The second step is to authenticate and authorize whereby you scan the QR code that accompanies your open sesame device and then enter the password. The third step is to attach the two wires of the open sesame device to your garage door box’s controller panel. The fourth step is very simple. You turn on Bluetooth on your phone and can start opening and closing your garage door with ease. Every open sesame device has to be accompanied by a unique QR code and a unique password. The password is very important as it helps in pairing the Bluetooth devices and without it, the open sesame device cannot open garage door with phone. You have to ensure that you enter the password correctly otherwise you stand the risk of the open sesame connection feature shutting down for a certain period of time which is adjustable.

There are many reasons why you would want to on the open sesame garage door app. Some of them include; it is safe and secure, you only have to pay for the device because the app is free, it can work with any garage door that has a console or wall switch, there is no limit to the number of mobile devices that can be paired with one open sesame device hence the possibility of multiple garage door opening, you can still use the traditional way if you choose to, there is free shipping for the open sesame device within USA, there is no requirement for Wi-Fi or internet connection and it has a 100% foot range. Open sesame garage door uses the latest technology that will transform your Smartphone into a very effective garage door remote. With this app, one can never lose time in opening and closing doors because they have misplaced the traditional garage remote and can easily share it with other family members who have the garage opener app.

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