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Save The Crap And Get Transparent

Jan 29th 2011 at 2:45 PM

This is another in a seriesin my quest for freedom from having to work for someone else, the title of this has personal meaning to me because in my travels online I read plenty of people who have no problem talking the talk but just don't seem to be really walking the walk. People want to know the truth, people want full and total transparency, people want the whole puzzle not just scraps and pieces, people need to be able to trust you and not believe you're setting them up for your hook. What's a hook you ask? A common hook used against newbies is when people pretend to be their friend asking them personal questions and having them believe that they really care about them and the whole time they're setting them up to place in their never ending sales funnel. We've all seen it before, just opt in baby, follow me. Yeah right. I'm in the process of building my foundation to my Primary business and am inviting all comers to ride along and monitor my progress as I tell you whats working, time management, time wasters, where I hang out, where I go for link love, how I plan my day and the pitfalls of complete newbies. I love complete transparency because it builds trust not contempt. I'll be transparent about costs, for instance, my Primary business costs me the Grand Total of $50 a month, on my budget thats pretty affordable, no autoship or hidden fees, right up my alley. Thank God I learned early on how to utilize SEO and Social Media to my advantage. That saves me a ton of money. Come back to visit and I'll show you where I hang out to get a ton of work farmed out cheap, its like having an office full of people. What do I use for my foundation? I leave nothing to chance I use it all if its still revelant, we all know how fast things come and go in this game, you have to play this game to the letter with a little fancy footwork on your part if you expect this to work. Network Marketing, Home Based Businesses and the freedom they bring is not a thing to take lightly, you'll probably have to work harder at this than you did at any other job you've ever had in your life just building your foundation. There is no free lunch, there are no guarantees either but I can guarantee you one thing, if you stick to your plan and build a solid foundation and learn how to mange your time, you'll have a much better chance at success than the person who jumps up and blows with the wind at the first sign of the latest and greatest deal. If you're interested in what I'm involved in and what my Primary business is, feel free to stop by my site or give me a call, I promise not to insult your intelligence bu trying to sell you, we can just talk and see if we can assist each other or exchange ideas. 954-479-2861 Paul Hines Skype: pail.hines7

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