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Sep 28th 2010 at 5:05 AM

Everybody interested once or still - and probably also some not-interested ones - know that CarbonCopyPRO, the Internet's N°1 Marketing Education Company, System, Platform and Community, also widely known as

"The Incubator for tomorrow's Entrepreneurs"

has a monetary "filter process" to "separate the wheat from the chaff", to separate the serious and interested people from the "just curious" ones: They charge a, not very high but still considerable, amount of money to the person that applies to become a member of that Community.

OK, some say this is just a promo gimmick to make themselves "important" and have people really "want" to get in there for not to have their pride hurt. But as this is a Community that takes its responsibility for their referrals very serious and really takes care about them on a personal level "sponsor - rookie" I can tell you that it's NOT a promo gimmick but a very serious filter process where we really also reject people who - due to their given application and/or the verbal conversation with either, one of our Business Coaches that are part of "The System" or with their personal sponsor himself - we think for the one or the other reason seem not to fit in this Community.

So, on the one hand there are more people that want to get in than there is space or otherwise availability for that many.

On the other hand there might be a lot of people out there in the world and on the Internet that would fit quite well into this Community but that simply cannot afford to pay that application fee.

And this why now, and for a limited time only, the Application KIT cost has been reduced, or rather discounted, by 75%.

To avoid any misunderstandings:
The Application KIT's payment to you as an Applicant is a no-risk payment "by nature"!

When purchasing that Application KIT you'll receive not only that Application KIT itself, but also a whole bunch of high class and very valueable Bonus material.
And: The Application KIT comes with a 100%, no-question-asked, 30-day money back guarantee. So when either one of two cases become true you as the Applicant get your money fully refunded:

a) for whatever reason you are rejected of becoming a member of the PRO Community

b) within the 30 day preriod after purchasing the Application KIT you notice and decide that this Community, Platform and fully equipped Marketing System is not for you and cancel your membership.

In both cases you would receive a full refund of your Application KIT purchase price.

BUT: While scenario a) does happen, and not even very rarely... case b) nearly never occurs because once people are inside and see the value they receive for their money and the possibilities that open up for them due to the Training they receive and the Knowledge they obtain, they will never want to leave again. Especially so because this company is always thriving, advancing, the Leaders are permanently thinking in how to still enhance things and adjust to new realities, sometimes even before the actual change happens, meaning: They are thinking ahead... PRO-active!!!

Like right now: PRO recently opened two completely new "departments", so to say, and "internally outsourced" certain areas and tasks to those special departments: PRO Solutions and PRO Legal. In last one you'll get full Legal training and advice on all aspects regarding "Becoming Independent", "Being Ones Own Boss" and "Acting Responsible Towards and With One’s Own Firm".

So if you are an Internet Marketer, an Affiliate Marketer, a Network Marketer or a MLMer, or if you are seriously thinking on becoming one, stop hopping around from one "Best Opportunity of a Lifetime" to the next "Best Bizz Opp of the Decade", as they pop up multiple times every week (and also disappear as fast again!), because they don't work, and start becoming serious about Changing your Life, your Future, your Financial Destination!

Here at PRO you have a Realistic $250,000 First Year Income Opportunity, proven by many before you. And they were not necessarily smarter than you are, didn't have a Marketing Background or Pre-Knowledge, nor have they probably been more Internet savvy than you are. The only thing they probably were more than you are right now is: They were more Decided, Focused and Dedicated!

This is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme
If you are looking for such... I am truly sorry I wasted your time by making you read up to this point, but you can stop then right here and now and move on. All the Best for you and your future!

No... this is a Business, a very serious Business where with Education - that we will give you - and with the right product line(s) - which also we will provide and/or suggest - and with Dedication - what you have to bring by your own - you will have a very good shot on setting yourself and your loved ones Financially Free within the next 12 -18 months.

It would completely blast the frame of this Blog Post to scratch even only the surface of what you will be able to encounter and discover once inside The System.
Therefore, with all that being said and with the discounted Application KIT fee in place... why don't you go ahead and apply to become a member of this Marketing Education Company, System, Platform and Community and see and experience for yourself that I didn't exaggerate here.
You WILL become a better Marketer; be it Affiliate, Network or MultiLevel

If you want in you should go to http://ThomasJungblut.com and follow the instructions there.

As said before: There is no risk involved for you whatsoever. You are either in and the money was very well invested, or you are out  (by own choice or ours) and you'll get your money back, but can keep all the Bonus Material. Either way YOU WIN!

I hope for YOU that you will make an informed and wise decision.

Let The Success Always Be With You!

Cheers from Lima, Peru

Thomas Jungblut

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a Blog Post by corporate CarbonCopyPRO but by me personally as I am a member of the PRO Community. Therefore CarbonCopyPRO cannot be held responsible for any false or misleading claim accidentally made herein. Any Income Earning potentials made in this post are entirely hypothetical, not typical and in no way do they represent a guarantee as to what you will earn becoming a member of this company and community. They are made for demonstration purposes only, as you personal success or failure in this company as in any business depends totally on your own dedication and efforts. Nevertheless those income amounts are not only theoretically possible, but have been achieved and even exceeded by certain individual members of this company.

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