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Sapphire Rods and Ruby Parts Serving High Precision Industrial Applications

Feb 27th 2015 at 8:35 AM

Always with a dedicated aim to find the solution to a situation, we have created miracles and wonders and there is no looking back. Light and simple machining was attempted by the wise men with mecha affinities and orientations. Later their pursuits produced precision instruments like the first time watches and other measurement devices of direct utility. These were made through the use of miniature metal stocks and the frictional component was deliberately done away with sapphire and ruby ball bearings. This intervention manifested as extremely successful as the friction induced wear and tear was brought to near zero. Sensing the potential of it, some players went on to provision industrial grade jewels that could be used for high precision complications where the one time adjustment worked the entire life of decades.

From watches to more complicated micro machines

The frictionless gauges, meters and complications are mainly fabricated for miniature scale uses as at the bigger scale the parts generally lay open for timely servicing and lubrication. At smaller scale this is not possible and the only way gets through is to attempt super fine jewel bearing where the need to lubricate is almost eliminated and this ultimately transforms into the extended life and efficiency of the machine. The best examples of such miniature machines are the mechanical watches which were received as no less than personal adorations; some mecha enthusiasts still cheer their possession! The panel of these watches boasted of 17, 21, 23 or more jewels that were mostly Ruby Parts and defined the standards of the machine. This efficiency parameter was so pronounced that these were boasted before the lay user while the industry began gearing to generate more finesse applications of these industrial jewels.

Ruby nozzle to maintain constant flow

Although the mechanical watches have almost receded from the Frontline marketplaces, the highly refined uses of jewels have gone swift enough. Ultra intricate miniature engineering applications are being attempted in the chemical gauges which generate inputs for micro scale manufacturing of the refined industrial products. This can be understood simply from a supply line which has to render milli or micro scale of raw input on a continuous basis; however the continuous flow of matter definitely creates corrosion due to friction in the passage while also altering the supply of the input due to greater cross sectional flow after the wear of the superficial layers. It is here that the ruby nozzle clears the distortions of friction induced resistance and maintains perfect unaltered flow without any deviation even after extended times. The heat resistance features of the jewels also eliminate the necessity of direct heat drain mechanisms in the miniature machines and gauges.

Electrical and optical applications of the industrial jewels

Some next generation uses of the jewels have been on the basis of their chemical properties rather than physical alone (which determined friction endurance). These include uses based on the chemical inertness as against certain industrial regents so that these could be employed in the micro valves in the scientific instruments. The dielectric constants and resistivity have led to the use of ruby and Sapphire Rods as auto controlled and temperature dependent junctions in the scientific relay instruments.

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