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Safelists, The Key to your Business

Jan 14th 2011 at 1:49 AM

If you are like me, you are ALWAYS on the lookout for an easier way to sell your products, get people to join your opportunity, or subscribe to your ezine.  Here I would like to take a look at how to do that using safelists.

Safelists CAN BE one of the hidden gems of Internet marketing. You can sell any product or service with safelists, but I would suggest you to pay special attention.

If you've ever wondered "Do people really READ that mail"? or "Isn't that just a trick to get my email address"? then read on. Today we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to safelists.

Here is a situation that happens every day. A person, much like you or me, who wants to quit the day-to-day grind of working for someone else, joins an affiliate program. Or maybe they create an eBook. Or maybe they invent a product they want to sell. In any event, they are now entering the world of Internet marketing. That mysterious world that made Jeff Bezos of a billionaire but withholds its rewards to 97% of people who do business online.

That's right folks, 97% of us will fail online.

The only sure way to become one of the 3% (no, I'm not selling an eBook) is to use EVERY tool to your advantage. Let's look at one of the lesser known, yet more powerful, tools available .... safelists.

=====> What Is a Safelist?

A safelist is an email mailing list that people join (of their own free will) which enables them to send email offers to all the other members in exchange for agreeing to receive email from those other members.  So you get to mail, but you have to agree to receive mail too.  And no one gets spammed.

Some safelists are free while others charge a small annual fee. Those that charge a fee often offer you the ability to send mail without having to receive any or else advantage.

So how does this crazy arrangement work?  Don't people just sign up with a Yahoo account and never read the mail in order to get to send mail?  It used to be that way. But isn't that way any more.

Today, safelists have grown up. It had to happen. After all, every advertising medium started out rough and then became more polished. Safelists have matured in three important ways.

1. In order to get people to actually read the mail that gets sent, smart safelist operators now give away cash money every week. The trick is, they hide it in some random email. So in order to win the $1000, you've got to read the mail. This strategy alone has caused safelists to become very appealing, since much more of the mail is now being read.

2. Safelist owners have instituted rules to stop people from ruining their list. By placing a limit on how often you post, banning attachments and more safelist operators control their lists tightly.

3. Safelists have become web-based. This is the big one. You NEVER download some list, add them to your address book and send to them via your email program. It's all on the web now and can be done in only a few minutes. And the mail is sent from their web server, not yours.

=====> Why Use a Safelist?

This one is easy. Ever see those ads, "Send your message to a zillion people a day without spamming!!!" While the message may be what you find at the north end of a south bound bull, the IDEA is not.

Safelists attract thousands and thousands of people who want to promote the affiliate program they recently joined, test market a new product or service, get people to sign up for their newsletter, and more. These people are opportunity seekers. While they may not read the latest herbal Viagra ad that is sent to them unsolicited, they DO pay attention to ads from the safelist that interest them. And there are thousands of members to advertise to.

=====> How To Use a Safelist?

If you are going to use a safelist to promote your product, service, or opportunity, do it smart. Here are some key elements to help you get started. This is hard-won information, folks, so use it wisely.

1. ONLY use web-based safe lists. NEVER download a list, buy a CD, or anything else where you send the mail from your ISP.  You will loose your Internet connection and more.  If you stick with web-based safelists you will do well.

2. Follow the rules.  I know you wouldn't violate the rules on purpose, but who has time to read all that fine print? Let me save you some time. If you don't promote porn or hate, don't use an autoresponder as the email address where you receive mail, and don't post more often that you are allowed (each list has different rules), you will be fine on 99% of safelists.  So go forth and make money!

3. Here's an insider tip from the DOE Insider. This one really works, although it sounds .... stupid.

Don't try to sell your primary product on safelists. Told you it sounded stupid. ;)

What I mean is this:  People on safelist read a *lot* of mail. Don't try to close the sale in the three to five seconds they give you.

Think of it just like you would air a classified ad. Use a powerful headline (subject line) and try to create *curiosity* about your product. Get the reader to send for more information or visit your website. Use safelists to get them into your marketing system, and let your follow-up system make the sale.

Don't hype it up and don't over-promise. What you offer is the real deal. Tell them what's in it for them. That's what they want to hear.

And don't copy and paste the same ad that every other affiliate is using. If at all possible, write your own ad or pay someone twenty bucks to write you a good one. But don't sound like everyone else.

4. Target your ad.  Really good safelists are broken into categories you choose when you join. This way you can advertise to a smaller, but much more targeted, group of people who have expressed a prior interest in your product or opportunity.

5. Use the power of repetition. Get a great ad.  Go to your safelists on a set schedule and post the same ad over and over. This really works! The reason it works is that repetition is the mother of learning (surveys prove people need to see the same ad seven times in order to buy), in addition to the many new people who join the safelist every week.

It doesn't matter if you are sick to death of your ad . It matters that your ad works. When it stops working, pull it. Until then, if it isn't broke ... don't fix it.

=====> Are Safelists Safe?

To be sure, there was a dark side to the old fashioned safelists. You would sign up and get spam out the ... ear. It still makes sense to use a free email account on safelists, although it's not as critical as it was before. And now you can pay a little and never get mail.

The good news is that safelists have been around long enough that they have become a legitimate Internet Marekting tool, even if most of your competitors haven't figured that out yet.

Big-time Internet Marketers like Andrew Fox and Lawrence Pryor have started their own safelist services. Most well- known Internet marketers have used safelists from time to time to boost sales or add new subscribers to their ezine.

To your Success

Michel Muhlhauser


P.S: The bottom line is that safelists work. How well they work is up to you. Use the information above as a starting point and give some safelists a try. Don't expect to get rich overnight, but you should see results quickly if you do it right. Good luck!

P.P.S: The answer for the question "Which is the best Safelist" IS "The one that works best for you".

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Jan 15th 2011 at 11:03 PM by nelica
Nice article and real Michel, without a Safe Lists are business will be dead. Thank you for share!

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