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Royalty Add on Income for the Masses .. HOW ?

Jul 6th 2013 at 5:39 AM

The Modern Royalty Income, now a reality .

I Got into a casual chat with ,the woman , in a local business , she was explaining how ,

"due to the financial down turn ,the local communities were, leaving  the town , going broke in droves , and the town was slowly dying."

This was happening  financially in our loverly coastal home town , of Batemans Bay NSW.

As are many small communities across Australia and the world .

She then ask ,“What did I think was the solution ..  in fact , was there one ?".


My reply was that "I believed , if more people , supported each other, were a bit more creative ,

worked together, as a friendship Group , a community, we could set up OTHER  INDEPENDENT INCOME streams ,

right alongside our existing Business . But , not only business people ,

set it up to have it so ALL of the community can reap benefits .

We all know there are only TWO solutions to Balancing the Budget  , In a Household , Business or the  Government

Reduce Costs , Tighten the belt ,  the negative approach  (Austerity) .. or

INCREASE  Revenue INCOME the positive approach .

Its a Natural law . If there is NOT enough , of anything ,.... you need MORE  .

"Somehow , Today in the Finacial world , weneed to   find a way for the Mass to :

Multiply or ADD to what we have as INCOME ".

(  the Goverment ..Term  "Quantitative easing .. sounds good . )

(  Sorry , We all  just  can,t do what  USA, Governments  do ,

(Print More money, when they,r in a jam .)


. I am Using the TEAM BUILDING PROJECT SYSTEM , to help me Save our Town .

By Finding , Selecting ,ATTRACTING .. a handful of Keen people 5- 20 , to FORM ,

a local business group ... to bring NEW income Into the town and comunity .

The ONLINE Bays Income  Team Building Project

For Batemans Bay ,  Lets get this moving .

Its good to see a few creative people Join the project

Now we are Past the election n Australia ,

Lets take an active part in the survival of our local  towns


This becomes an Independent  Floor of Income for additional security

And if  One,s not  enough  then  get two Income streams.

Today this is NOW , all set up to go .


Back to my Business woman , “ Why, ..What do you mean she said .”

I explained it this way . “We all know that if you have the skill to Act ,

you can hope to make a royalty from being in a Film, or as an Author ,

And as a writer, you can earn a few extra dollars, say $3,-$10 on every book sold,

The Singer can write a Song and sing it and earn a life time Royalty from Doing this One Original song ,

at $3 every time it is downloaded or played , the singer can set up a solid income for life.

ie . If enough people BUY , he has a Fan base, a customer or Date base of PEOPLE large enough ,

say 50,000 people these being people who wants what He sells just $3 a pop,

he earns a royalty Income of $3 X 50,000 =$150,000 a good healthy stable yearly Income


Note : .. It dose Not then matter what other Job , Career or Business he may be working ,

this just adds stability to the business or a persons lifestyle.

However , Not everyone has these skills. to earn a Royalty in this way .

But I said .. There IS a way, You only have to Find a Product or Service

that Lots of people want to buy .. And will BUY.


With the Modern shopping on the Internet, , It can become Totally Independent of what you currently do .

The First task is to build yourself a Customer base ,

a DATA base, of people who MIGHT buy your business , Globally .


These people can be attracted to your new Business , or Products , from All over the world ...

NOT from Just your local community . .. and this will give you New Income ., with even greater stability .

NOTE : If lots of people around the community are having Increased spending power,

everyone in the community reaps the benifits.

they spend more .

on Local Product and services.

Over the past 10 years , I have made a study of making this a reality ,

combiding with  over 3000  key people , to make this possible ,

trough the, Team Building Project  for many people .


The first step is to have enough confidence , in yourself  and  in what I say .

Check it all out  for yourself , Not from what I say , but the companies websites.

Just  how we DO build a GLOBAL Group of People into a BUYING Team ,

a Data base a User network of People .

Here is your Free ,start point , I have tried to remove every possibe  reason

why people fail to take some action , usually its past conditioning , Lack of Belief., and Risk .

. ie.. There is No cost .. Nothing to loose

Some people you can help but  others , there is no way .


The Support System

Enter you name and e mail , and get into the back office .

Select the Business that suits you best . there are a few choice to suit .

We give you a Choice of Bushiness.  some will go with One ..

some more able to go with two or three  entirely different  businesses.

that suit their Time , Life style and available Dollars .


Everyone starts the same way and the  same position ..

FREE  as Free Team Builder . ... Building sytem to Build YOUR team

and you can stay as a free member  as long as you like ,( there is no risk)

But if you want to build an Income royalty.. something must be sold  by you,

and Purchased by others .  There IS nothing for Nothing on the Internet .


We have made it simple , you can start  your business for as little as  $10 a Month,

"Yes a MONTH "

Check out , ILA / Tax shield /..and  compound your growth from there to your dream Income.

This has been designed to fit any budget .


BUT  you will ONLY need to be promoting ONE link . .. above .

These  are just two   businesses ,  all different  businesses  below .






Ok my Friend. it,s all up to you . I hope to see you join us at the websites .

Lets start a New Cashflow for our local People .

in the Bays or ....YOUR TOWN .

Rob Field

Face book / Twitter  User Name   .. E-Rob Field   , moneytime3


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