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RippIn Calls It Quit

Feb 13th 2014 at 1:58 PM

Since my last RippIn blog posting, Is RippIn DOA, additional information has surfaced in January 2014 concerning what is happening with RippIn.   It seems that an email from RippIn affiliate, Michael Rutherford, was sent to his “RippIn team” and began to circulate on RippIn's Facebook page.

Rutherford's email begins by saying that “it’s been a while” and continued to state what happened to RippIn-- "Even though RippIn did a lot of things right coming out of the gate, there were still a lot of challenges happening behind the scenes that were very difficult to solve with the team & operating budget it had.  In hindsight, which is always 20/20, Rippln truly needed $3-5million venture capital budget from the start, along with a lot of other resources it didn’t

have, to really have it’s best chance at succeeding.  They came incredibly far with their technology, working with what they had, but as is often the case in technology start ups, success is more about “iteration” then it is picking a product off a shelf & selling that for years to come.  RippIn found many flaws with the model, & it required constant change & development to continue to iterate the model to perfection.  Unfortunately, Rippln lost it’s financing capability to keep going in the Fall of last year, and without proper financing there was no way to continue to build out the technology to get it to a mainstream worthy product."  Of course the fact the Rippln got slammed with a trademark infringement lawsuit in late December didn’t help either.

Additional information from BehindMLM reader Glimdropper suggests that the email might have been first sent out by RippIn's co-founder Jonathan Budd to his down line.  But had gotten out to the public, with Rutherford stripping out Jonathan Budd's part of the greeting and the signature, to allow him to send it to his down line.

Stating that this happened in the Fall of last year, it is now known that RippIn management knew it was having major problems in November 2013 and RippIn CEO Brian Underwood did not come totally clean with Troy Dooly (MLM Helpdesk) at the end of November 2013.  Obviously affiliates did not know Rippln had lost its financing, but even back in November 2013 affiliates knew that something was up and it was not the Thanksgiving holidays, as Brian Underwood stated.

Michael Rutherford further explained that, if Rippln is able to secure more money in the future, RippIn might re-launch as “Rippln 2.0″.  As of now most MLM sites like Free& Powerful have removed its affiliate links to RippIn from their websites.  Rutherford himself seems to have also moved on, removing the RippIn logo from his own Facebook profile page.  As of yet I have not seen any official announcement from Rippln acknowledging their financial status, the recent trademark lawsuit, or what will happen to the company going forward.

What should we learn from this?  That it takes more than massive "hype" to get a new MLM off the ground.  Great marketing gurus are needed yes, but unless you have the product and infrastructure already in place most MLM companies are "doomed" from the start.  To bad, as I thought RippIn could have been a good MLM program in a new product "niche" using mobile apps.  That now leaves Banners Mobile as one of the few MLM income programs that is currently working in the mobile apps market.

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