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11 months ago

Rich Individuals Decide to Make Money Based on Results, Not Time - Do You?

Dec 12th 2010 at 10:42 AM

Take a gander at the prosperous individuals you know. Are they working for an hourly wage? I highly doubt it. The rich and abundant individuals of the world rarely get to where they are by trading their hours for money. Think about it. We each only have 24 hours a day to work with. If you are working a JOB, you are trading your hours for dollars. The biggest problem with this is simple.....YOU CAN ONLY SPEND SO MUCH TIME!

If you are working for an hourly wage, you are not putting yourself in the position to achieve financial freedom, let alone build wealth. There is a limited number of hours that you can work each day, week, and month. Therefore, there is a huge ceiling on the profit that you are able to earn.

So what other options do you have when it comes to making money? Well once again simply look at the wealthy, apparently they know something that the masses do not. How do the rich get abundant? You will notice that the vast majority of rich people work for themselves. This may come in a variety of occupations. Many of them own their own businesses, get paid commissions, have investments that generate them money, and they often have passive income streams set up that generate them money whether they are working or spending a day at Disneyland. The bottom line is this......RICH folks earn money based on their performance....NOT TIME!

Everyone feels that they should get paid what they deserve, what they are really worth. Can this happen with a job? Of course not. A job only pays you a small fraction of the value that you are adding to the company. That is why the entrepreneurs are the ones who are getting rich, not the employees. If you got paid what you are worth, the biz would see no profits. They make money by employing people to create revenue for the company, and they pay the employees a small fraction.

So is it hopeless? Can you ever make the move from working a 9-5 job, over to the ranks of the biz owners? Well of course you can, anyone can. Anyone can make that transition, and people all over the world are doing so on a daily basis. And it doesn't require a large capital investment or 20 years of "moving up the ladder." All it takes is the desire.....and the Self assurance to actually make the move.

Confidence is the real secret that separates the "could have's" and the "doers." As I said, most rich folks work for themselves, which means that they get paid based on the results they achieve. This take courage. Nothing is guaranteed. Many folks fall into the "steady paycheck rut." What's hard about a rut? Well the longer you're in one, the deeper it gets, and your chances of escaping get littler and littler. It's comfortable to know exactly when you are gonna get paid and exactly how much. But is "comfortable" all you ever want to achieve? Are you satisfied with just getting by? From what I hear on a daily basis, most folks want more. individuals want freedom, they want wealth, and they want control over their future.

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