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Review - The Best Deal Yet

Mar 21st 2011 at 1:32 PM


thebestdealyet - Is it really such a great deal?

People are signing up in droves for this. No wonder:
getting paid $25 - 35 per hour for viewing ads sounds great.
It promises to be completely free and there is no mention of any matrix, a great plus.

But with all the Crap being promoted these days, one can't be wary enough. So I've taken an indepth look at the site.

It has a clean, appealing and professional layout. No pictures of Ferrari's, cruise ships or other normal signs of crap or ponzi sites. The links are all working. So by the looks of it,it could be the best deal yet.

But I went a little deeper, looked for the physical address of the owner/s - nothing. That makes me think twice before joining. Why do they keep their address a secrect? I like to know who I'm dealing with.

I checked through the testimonials - the hopes of new members are high, but no one has seen any money yet. That could be due to the site being in pre-launch. And exactly that can pose a big problem. Now every new member is recruiting like mad because of
the promise of a 10% extra income on every amount a referral earns.
Problem 1: The internet is packed to the brim with empty promises. Being paid $25 per hour for viewing ads just sounds too good to be true. It probably is, too.

Problem 2: Launch is 4 months away - anything can happen till then.

Problem 3: although the owners can't run away with your money since it's free to join, they can run away with all the addresses. They have found an easy way to build their list of prospects by means of other people.

Problem 4: All of the above uncertainties make this a hot potato to pass on immediately. Your name as an IM is at stake with everything you promote.  This is the reason I would not give you a link even if I  were a member of this.  

So, if you don't first get the people into your auto-responder, you are the sucker that builds their list for free.  
You also open yourself and others to being spammed with promotions from all sides. There is nothing in their TO's  that prevents them from publishing the addresses they collect in this way.

Ok, lastly I tried their contact form for non-members. It seemed to work. So I'm waiting for a response. Will keep you updated on this issue.

What does one have to loose if it's free?  For one time, and that   =  money. So free isn't always free.


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Apr 16th 2011 at 9:17 AM by jakaroomba
wonderful article and good advice. In fact this is the reason I am a IM faceplater. If ever there is something note worthy you will find it here. I am always wary of scams that promise what they cannot deliver or more than what they can deliver if anything. My yardstick is always "sustainability" , you fail that and don't give you a second look.Thanks Hanlo.
Mar 27th 2011 at 5:41 AM by hanloduplessis
UPDATE: As I guessed - NO RESPONSE from owners of thebestdealyet

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