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Revenge of the underdogs

Oct 30th 2010 at 8:49 AM

I almost always favor the underdogs, why you may ask.  I am south african and I have seen and experienced a lot of things. Somethimes being a small guy you have go through a lot of discrimination and disadvantages.

Now the good thing about the internet is that it create a totally new environment. True peoples power comes to the fore. I am speaking of really successful COOPs were people leverage their numbers to the maximum.

I came across two such programs and it really brought laughter to me thinking of these models in comparison to the banks and government. Both institutions are our creations and are supposed to work to our advantage but we are always begging them.

Government would have no budgets if it were not for our taxes. The same is true of most banks especially the reserve banks. Come to think it , they are suppose to be managing our money , that is why we call government workers, civil servants. Loosely translated that means public slaves. The strangest thing these days is that they end up driving around in the the best cars and sleeping in the best hotels. Whatever happened to slavery. LOL.

Here then is the revenge for me. Find a well run COOP and be an active member and grow the cake for the benefit of the group. Let you money speak for you and invest in a place where you are acknowledged and your contribution matters.

Personally I like one such thing called JOIN4ADOLLAR. If you never heard of it here is my link: http://www.join4adollar.com/?ref=jakaroomba . You don't have to commit to anything just join for free and browse all the features. It is a simple system but that is equivalent to stupid. Take your time and explore the site .

I am open to suggestions because I do not know it all for sure.


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Dec 23rd 2010 at 11:38 PM by drkelp
Absolutely agree with your sentiments, Social networking and coops let the little guy get a slice of action.

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